Private, Boarding School Admissions (SSAT and ISEE)

“ Top Test Prep worked with my daughter for months to get her SSAT and ISEE scores up to get into the best private school possible. Sara was accepted to Exeter and Andover, but happily attends Phillips Exeter. ” - L. Williams -

College Admissions (SAT and ACT)

“ Top Test Prep’s methods actually work. Our daughter improved her SAT scores by 390 points, and ACT score by 8 points. Sarah was accepted to Harvard, Yale and Stanford. ” - D. Davis -

Medical School Admissions (MCAT)

“Top Test Prep helped me get into medical school. If you train with MCAT tutors at this company, you will get results beyond a 30, and possibly even as high as 38, which was my MCAT score. I got into Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Wash U Med School. ” - J. Maxwell -

How Top Test Prep Will Help You Get Accepted

At Top Test Prep, you have the opportunity to learn from the the top private tutors from Ivy League quality schools.

“ Top Test Prep's tutoring program was excellent! The material used was top quality and my private tutor was always there to help and was an expert on the subject matter. ” -- Mary Jones SSAT Student

Our Proven Results

Students in Top Test Prep's tutoring and exam prep programs, which include boarding school admissions (SSAT and ISEE), college admissions (SAT and ACT) and Ivy League prep, and graduate school admissions (GRE, LSAT, DAT, GMAT and MCAT), have increased scores by significant amounts in the past 10 years. Each year, more of our students are accepted to the best schools than any other company.
Here's how many points our private tutors and admissions experts have raised student exam scores by each year:

Your Maximum Score Improvement Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your results after the completion of your tutoring program, we will offer you admissions essay help, and bonus hours of private tutoring.

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A Letter from our Admissions Experts

Hi there —

We started Top Test Prep because I believe that students and parents deserve the best… that’s you.

Top Test Prep’s team mission from Day 1 has been to develop a test prep and tutoring program that increases students exam scores and builds confidence. We have consistently proven that any student, whether an underdog or top of the class, can get into the top schools, from the best boarding schools, Ivy League colleges to medical schools.  Our elite private tutors and admissions/application consultants will help you work on your diagnostic exams, pair you with our tutors and counselor, build a test prep plan, and help you with your applications, essays, and interviews to top ranked private boarding schools, colleges and medical schools.  We have successfully helped students get accepted to Exeter, Andover, Choate, Lawrenceville, Groton and St. Paul’s (for boarding schools), top Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Dartmouth, and more (for colleges), and the best medical schools for the MCAT.

Top Test Prep’s greater vision is to bring the top level private tutors and admissions experts who know how to help you prepare for those important exams.

Top Test Prep is unlike any other private tutoring and test prep company. When you sign up for our test prep, a dedicated team will take care of you. It’s our job to make the admissions process easier for you so you can get accepted to the best ranked boarding schools, colleges and graduate programs.

Top Test Prep’s admissions experts and private tutors will help you with each step of the application process.  Our programs will help you with the following: ISEE and SSAT tutoring for private/boarding schools; SAT and ACT tutoring for college and Ivy League schools; MCAT tutoring for medical schools; and graduate level exams such as the MCAT exam.

So why choose Top Test Prep? One reason: there’s no other company that can beat our Top 1% tutors, trained admissions experts, and our in-home tutoring program. Our admissions experts and counselors can meet you within 24 hours after your enrollment.

Give us a call (800) 501-7737, reserve your spot and let’s get started.

The TTP Admissions Experts