10 Admissions Tips To Get Your Child into an Ivy League School

These admissions tips will help you when you’re tackling Ivy League applications; your son or daughter should have an advantage in the application process, and we’ll help with our expert admissions counseling.

1.  Start your applications early.  If you’re applying to Ivy League schools, you should complete your applications in the spring and summer before the fall in which you’re applying.  These applications require a higher level of detail and focus than typical applications.

2.   Don’t default to the common app.  If an Ivy League like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc, have their own applications available, use them.  It’s much better to go directly to the source, than use the common application.

3. Use care:  When responding to short essay topics, remember that they’re just as important as the longer essay prompts. Admissions staff use them to gain insights into your character and suitability for their institution.

General admissions essay tips…

4. Brainstorm your essay:  View each prompt as a chance to display another aspect of your personality. Give them something they don’t know about, or want to know more from reading your essay.

5. Strive for originality: Another essay about getting cut from the team and then playing for five minutes isn’t helpful.

6. Be specific:  Don’t write in such a generic fashion that it could apply to any college. Tailor your response to the institution you are applying to as that school wants to feel as if they are top of the list.

7. Know the school: Avoid the common error of inserting the wrong Ivy League school name in the essay.  Yes, Harvard is different from Yale.  And yes, students have made this mistake before.

8. Develop a theme: instead of listing every extracurricular activity you’ve done or all the things you have done throughout high school, write one consistent theme that embodies who you are as a student. Example: if you are an athlete but also enjoy biology, write an admissions essay or personal statement about what it is like being a student scholar on your team, and how people perceive you as a student and teammate.

9. Proofread, proofread, and proofread: Nothing looks worse on an admissions essay than grammar or spelling errors. Proofread your admissions essay, correct the errors and then do it again. Read it out loud, read it backwards, and ensure that all mistakes are removed.

10.  Think Critically: As you proofread your essay think about every sentence and every paragraph critically. Could you write something differently to make a bigger impact? Is your word usage correct? How could you improve upon what you have written to make it even better?


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