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Breaking News: the SAT is changing in 2016!

SAT-examIn an effort to keep up with the rising demand for a more practical standardized test, the SAT will contain some major revisions starting in 2016.  The College Board (the makers of the SAT) initially announced the changes would come into effect in 2015.  They have since decided to push back the timeline to 2016 with the updated PSAT/NMSQT arriving in 2015, thus giving students the opportunity to see a sample of what the new SAT will contain.  This decision comes on the heels of the ACT surpassing the SAT as the standardized test taken by the most students.    In 2012 there were 1,664,479 students who took the SAT and 1,666,017 students who took the ACT.[1] Compare that to 1986 when there were 729,606 students who took the ACT, giving the ACT an increase of test takers by 128%.

 There will not be any changes made to the format of the SAT.  It will still consist of writing, math, and critical reading sections. The proposed changes will focus on the content of the SAT.  The College Board hopes to make the test content more relevant to the material that students learn in their high school class as well as what they may come across in college.   The College Board is no stranger to the countless criticisms there are about the SAT.  Even the president of the College Board, David Coleman, cited these criticisms as a reason to change the SAT. Issues with the SAT include the design of the essay – which will probably see the biggest change – to the numerous obscure vocabulary words.

 It is unlikely these changes will satisfy all the detractors of the SAT but it is a good sign when the president of The College Board shares some of those views and acknowledges the need for change.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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