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25 Colleges With the Highest Freshmen Retention Rates

College freshman retention can arguably be treated as an indicator of how happy freshman are. It is a factor that should be assigned importance when considering colleges. According to the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, an education think tank, the colleges with the best freshmen retention rates are as follows.

Top Colleges for Freshmen Retention

1. Yale University (CT)
2. Swarthmore College (PA)
3. Princeton University (NJ)
4. Stanford University (CA)
5. Williams College (MA)
6. California Institute of Technology
7. University of Chicago (IL)
8. Harvard University (MA)
9. Columbia University (NY)
10. Dartmouth College (NH)
11. University of Pennsylvania
12. Notre Dame University (IN)
13. US Naval Academy (MD)
14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
15. University of Virginia
16. Hillsdale College (MI)
17. Washington University, St Louis (MO)
18. Rice University (TX)
19. Middlebury College (VT)
20. Brown University (RI)
21. Duke University (NC)
22. Haverford University (PA)
23. Carleton College (MN)
24. Pomona College (CA)
25. Davidson College (NC)

While the economic profile of a student body plays a role in freshman retention, colleges with high rates also tend to have strong advising and student support services. A retention method successfully employed at some colleges is to break the freshman class into student learning sub-communities with activities and close peer support.

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