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3 Advantages of Private MCAT Tutoring

One-on-one MCAT tutoring has a tremendous advantage over MCAT prep courses for three main reasons: convenience, customization, and efficiency. First, having a private MCAT tutor come to your house or a nearby location at a time that works with your schedule is extremely convenient. This is especially true if you live in a large city with a lot of traffic and little parking! Additionally, you can choose a location where you feel comfortable. Not everyone works well in a classroom with desk-chairs and fluorescent lighting. With Top Test Prep, you can choose to sit on a couch, on a table outside, or wherever you want!

A second advantage of one-on-one MCAT tutoring over a prep course is that your lesson plans are customized to you and your learning style, your schedule, and your strengths and weaknesses. For example, some students show strong performances on the physical and biological sciences, but struggle in the verbal and humanities sections. They should logically receive more guidance on the verbal and humanities than the science sections. This is not possible if they are enrolled in a prep course because instructors are required to spend equal time on all components in order to accommodate all students. With a private tutor from Top Test Prep, you are guaranteed a curriculum designed especially for you.

Lastly, one-on-one tutoring allows you to study efficiently. We know your time is valuable. Thus, you should focus it on learning and refining the skills you need rather than learning in an environment where the needs of the majority hold higher priority than your own. Without a doubt, private tutoring is the most efficient way to learn. Private tutoring offers you the opportunity to structure your own schedule and lesson plans and allows you time to work on the other aspects of your medical school application so that you achieve success not only on the MCAT, but also in your medical career.

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