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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Private School Admissions Essays

Private school admissions essays can seem daunting, but avoiding these most common pitfalls will get you through the process with ease. The most common mistake is when students attempt to tailor their application to show that they are the type of student the admissions committee seeks. What they often fail to realize is that admissions committees have seen thousands of applications, and that they are looking for unique students who have a view or passion that sets them apart from the other hundreds of applicants.

1. Remember your [private school] audience.
Students often forget their target audience. As mentioned previously, the admissions committee has read hundreds of application essays, many of which are the essay the student thinks the committee wants to read. But for an essay, there is no right or wrong topic. The best essays are the ones that compel the reader to continue reading, that tell a unique story, and that pique the reader’s curiosity.

2. Choose the right topic.
Find your passion. Find what makes you tick, what sparks your curiosity. Is it a hobby? Is it an extracurricular? Don’t be predictable. Don’t write about volunteering just because you think it is the right topic. Do you play a musical instrument? Do you play a sport? What do you spend your weekends doing? Write about that topic. Passionate writing will definitely capture the admission committee’s interest.

3. Avoid clichés.
Don’t feel compelled to start off your essay with a famous quote or end with a generic moral. Write from the heart, and write what you truly love about that activity or what changed your about that experience. A truly personal essay will have a much more lasting impact than a formulaic one.

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