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5 Reasons to Get Help With Your Admissions Applications

I’ve decided to help parents see why hiring an independent college counselor – one not affiliated with a specific school- can and will help you:

(1) 98% of American high schools lack the resources necessary to dedicate to individual students who are applying to schools.

(2) Your acceptance rate WILL go up when you do; hiring a focused counselor will help you get an outside perspective on your applications.

(3) International students sometimes need help writing in a new language; applications can be complicated, tedious and long. We help you navigate the process.

(4) We can help you get the financial aid necessary to pay for school.

(5) Parents can use the extra help motivating their students to optimize their academic potential.

These are just a few reasons how and why we can help YOU succeed in the complicated admissions game.

Contact TopTest Prep.com today for help or call (800) 501-7737.

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