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5 Test Prep Tips

When you learn about an upcoming test in any subject, it’s smart to tailor your studying strategy to both the individual test and your personal needs. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What’s the format of the test?

Find out what the questions will be like and how long you’ll have to complete the test. This will guide your studying, as you’ll know how detailed your answers should be.

2) How many days will I need to study?

Estimate how many hours you’ll need to study the material. Then decide how many hours you’d realistically be able to devote to studying each day. You may have to try studying some of it first, and see how it goes for you. Make a study plan, and stick to it.

3) How helpful are study groups to me? What about group study guides?

Your answer may depend on which subject you’re studying for. If you took detailed notes for your History class and did all the readings, it may not be worth your time to contribute to a group study guide that won’t give you much in return. Your time might be better spent reviewing your notes, which you can probably trust to be as comprehensive as the guide your classmates will churn out.

Ask yourself whether you study well in a group setting, or whether it ends up devolving into a social gathering with the odd study question being thrown out there now and then. If studying with others is helpful to you, maybe you need to find the right people – those who can focus, stay on subject, and make the most of the time you have.

4) Have I skipped any homework assignments or readings?

Best to cover these first, instead of remembering that you missed them at the last minute.

5) How will this test affect my grade in the class?

Knowing that a good test score could give your grade a significant boost will help motivate you to study. On the other hand, if you’re doing well in the class, you can reduce stress by seeing which range of grades will help you maintain your overall performance. It’s good to know how the test is weighted, and whether there will be other chances to prove yourself.

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