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5 Things You Can Do Differently During Your College Admissions

For many, knowing now what the application process is like comes with a little nostalgia – shoulda, coulda, woulda…. That wisdom and advice is worthwhile and useful. What would you have done differently? What do you wish you had done during the college admissions process?

Here are 5 things many students wish they had done or considered during their college admissions process.

 1. Find your best fit

It’s true! Finding your best fit is top of the list. If Top School X is amazing, has incredible professors, a great alumni network, a beautiful campus, and a kind of hollow, empty feeling – maybe you should follow up on that last intuition. Balancing your logical strategy with who you are is incredibly important for positioning yourself for future success. Listen to all those thoughts, and consider colleges where you can see yourself fitting in as a student and alumnus.

2. Find a great editor

Your essays are imperative. Find a person who can be an objective editor for you, someone whom you won’t take offense to if there is criticism. A great editor might be a friend, a teacher or supervisor. It should be someone who knows you really well. An editor will be able to ensure a true sense of who you are comes off the pages for admission counselors.

3. Maintain strong SAT/ACT score and grades

Scores and grades are integral parts to your application – so keep them strong! You SAT/ACT scores indicate your testing abilities, and overall knowledge in certain subjects. The scores are essential for your application not only because they are required, but because they can balance questions about your grades (or vice versa – grades balancing test scores). If you achieve well in both areas, you’ve increased your chances of being accepted to extremely competitive schools greatly. Keep it up.

4. Ask about the price tag

Many students falter at the numbers on a school’s tuition fee. Costs have risen, and there is fair reason to be concerned and vigilant. But when searching for schools, look at schools for how they fit you – not how much they cost. Some of the most seemingly expensive schools offer the best financial aid packages. Discarding a potentially great fit because of what the cost appears to be will be an extreme disadvantage.

5. Visit the campus

A visit can provide the most valuable information for you – the feel of a school, the resources, the relationships between administration and students, the way classes are taught. If it is at all possible to, visit the schools you apply to. While many schools might be able to provide the essentials, and a high standard, how well you fit the academic atmosphere and local culture will largely determine your future direction. Take the time to visit campus. If you can’t, contact the school or a department through email or letter correspondence.


This article is titled, “5 Things You Can Do Differently During Your College Admissions” It was written by Marta Casey, a writer on Top Test Prep’s team.

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