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5 Ways to Find Scholarships

Scared by the price tag of a school? Don’t take the first number as the final number. Tuition costs can be heavy on a family, but there are many options available through loans, grants, and scholarships. Here are five of the best ways to look for money when applying to school – at any level. Remember – you should never pay to apply to a scholarship. If a website or organization requests a fee, verify the validity of the scholarship.

1. Check with the institution’s financial aid office.

This seems like common sense, but don’t overlook the obvious. Checking with the financial aid office at individual schools, you will find each institution’s merit-based scholarships. Financial aid varies from school to school, so this is an essential step in your search.

2. Do well on your tests – especially the PSAT and SAT!

Besides looking good on your applications, testing well will open up numerous doors and qualify you for many different scholarships. If you score really high, you might be automatically considered for certain awards. You scores might also be required when applying to scholarships you find outside of schools.

3. Find local scholarships!

Rotary clubs, veteran groups, professional and trade organizations, and local companies all have scholarships. Some might be $100. Some might be $1200. Whatever you receive, no matter the amount, will help you pay for tuition and – later – be a great addition to your resume.

4. Use fastweb and other online search engines.

Online search engines should be free and are a great, quick way to look through thousands of lists quickly for scholarships that you qualify for. Fastweb is one of the best resources for scholarships. Entering your interests, hobbies, and academic interests, the search engine matches scholarships to your interests. You can also enter colleges that you’ve applied to.  In addition to scholarships, fastweb can also search for internships.

5. Check scholarships and grants through the U.S. government

Don’t forget Uncle Sam! The government has many scholarships and grants (besides loans) for all kinds of students. Filling out the FAFSA is the first step to qualifying. Then do research on your own. Check the Department of Education  under “funding” for different options.


This post is titled “5 Ways to Find Scholarships” and was written by Marta Casey, a writer for Top Test Prep’s team.

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