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5 Ways to Improve your SAT Score before the Summer

Here are some tips from the Director of College Admissions of Top Test Prep on how to improve your SAT score!

1)   Learn proper time management strategies.  The expression “Time flies when you’re having fun” can also apply to the SAT, although I’m sure most students would be hesitant to call the SAT “fun.”  Many students do not know how to manage their time in an effective manner and end up having to rush or skip questions they could have otherwise answered correctly.   Certain simple strategies, such as not worrying about tidiness when filling in a bubble, can result in a few extra minutes in each section.

2)   Read. A lot.  SAT reading is not the same as the required reading you do for school or what you may read for your own personal interest.  The SAT reading comprehension contains passages that you may be unfamiliar with, lacking the background information and context needed to help you understand what you are reading. One way to prepare for this it to start reading books and articles on topics which may seem new to you or even somewhat difficult to understand. This can help improve your ability to gather information in an area you are unfamiliar with.

3)   Know which sections you struggle with. Use your score from any previous SAT, PSAT or practice test that you’ve completed as your overview to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are.  This will allow you to create a study plan that focuses on any areas that need improvement, without spending too much time on the subjects you already score well in.

4)    Practice under similar test day conditions.  Practice makes perfect.  Everyone knows that.  The way you practice can be the difference between an average score and the score that will get you admitted to your top choice school.  It’s important to try to study in a setting that is similar to the test day conditions.  More importantly, use only practice tests that were administered by the College Board.  It won’t help you to take a practice test that has different content or a different format than the real thing.

5)   Taking the SAT can be a stressful, trying time for many students.  Stress can cause memory lapses, panic attacks and in some cases, illness. In the weeks leading up to the exam, try to get enough sleep, eat well and get in some exercise as a means to relieve some of the stress.

 For more information on how to improve your score, contact Dov Landau, Director of College Admissions at Top Test Prep. Top Test prep is an elite one-on-one tutoring and admissions company featuring some of the best and brightest tutors and admissions experts in the business.   Dov can be reached at 202-618-4474.


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