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Expert SSAT Prep Tips

Tip 1: Know the SSAT

Although the SSAT may not be designed like typical K-8 school tests, it does not mean you can’t prepare for the SSAT exam.

The SSAT is timed and divided into these parts: verbal, quantitative (math) and reading comprehension sections. It also includes a non-graded writing section, which is included in your admissions applications. Many young students have not taken standardized tests before.

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Tip 2: Increase Vocabulary for the SSAT

The verbal section consists of synonyms and analogy questions. These questions rely heavily on a strong vocabulary base. It will help you as a test taker to build up a solid foundation first!

Here are tips to increase your vocabulary:

Start small. Try to use few new words in daily conversation. Take words from our vocab list (check TopTestPrep.com), it may be from the SAT, but remember the SSAT does reflect generally how a student might do on the SAT exam before college.

When reading for school or fun, don’t skip over words you don’t understand. Look them up and keep a list.

Word puzzles: My advice for both the lower level SSAT and upper level SSAT vocabulary building is not to start with the New York Times Sunday version. Instead, find fun kids puzzles online or in magazines.

Learning vocabulary for the SSAT comes in three parts: memorization, usage, and distinguishing. A student taking the SSAT needs to master all three, memorize new words, use them in your life, and distinguish them. The last part is the toughest – this means knowing a word to the point where you can nuance words like loquacious with garrulous, both meaning talkative.

Tip 3: Increase Reading Comprehension

Again, reading comprehension is a section that your son or daughter can work on daily.

Find books or magazine articles for them to read. After your son or daughter is finished reading it is important to discuss them and find out if they have understood what they’ve read. Conversation and topic discussion is crucial.

Tip 4: SSAT Math Tips

SSAT Math Sections:

Focus on the basics. Don’t spend time doing anything more than the following: arithmetic, elementary algebra and geometry. In your preparation for the exam, you should allocate approximately 20% to arithmetic review, 40% to elementary algebra and 40% to geometry. This is true for the SSAT upper level exam. For the SSAT lower level exam, you should concentrate more on arithmetic review and understanding basic structures and word problems.

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