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How is the ACT formatted?

ACT ExamFirst things first: let us dispel the notion that the SAT is the more widely accepted of the two tests.  Almost every college accepts the ACT, and it has now surpassed the SAT in number of students sitting for it each year.  For many students, this may come as a sign of relief since quite frankly, the ACT is a more straightforward test.  The SAT and ACT are tailored towards different types of students, so is the ACT right for you?

The ACT has four sections:

·      English

·      Math (includes some trigonometry questions)

·      Science (meant to test reading and reasoning skills based upon a given set of facts)

·      Reading comprehension

The ACT also has an optional essay, which must be in response to a given prompt.  The prompt is usually an issue that is relevant to the age of a high school student.

Each section in the ACT is worth up to 36 points and your score is the average from all four sections.  You don’t lose any points for wrong answers, unlike the SAT, which deducts ¼ of a point for each incorrect answer. The ACT tests you more on classroom knowledge and is more concerned with your composite score.  If you happen to be weak in one section but very strong in another, you could still end up with a favorable score.

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