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Working with Top Test Prep’s private college admissions consultants, you’ll have the opportunity to work on the common app, your admissions essays, resume, recommendations, and extracurricular activities, alongside an admissions expert.

We have several years of experience working in actual admissions offices for colleges like Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, MIT and Berkeley.  Our admissions experts know what it takes to help you on all aspects of your University applications.  Our college admissions consulting provides all the resources for students to improve admissions chances and get into the best colleges and Universities.

Tips for Writing a Great College Admissions Essay

The admissions essay is a great place to shine with those writing skills you’ve been carefully polishing. College will involve a great deal of writing, so the essay is a great place to show that you’ve got what it takes. You only have a few words. Don’t bother with a lengthy introduction or conclusion. Instead opt for a strong opening hook and elegant, brief close. Normally you will have a choice of themes or topics. Before you begin, carefully evaluate which topic will best balance out your application.

Follow the word count guidelines and craft an original essay rather than reworking an old favorite of yours. Admissions officers are looking for a consistent voice, which is nearly impossible to attain by editing an older essay.

Remember that part of writing is rewriting. Never submit the first draft. Put it down, walk away, work on other things, then come back to revise and edit. Take out all repetitive ideas, make your transitions stronger, and use language that is alive and vibrant. Do all of your subpoints support the main theme?

Use active voice instead of passive. “Fun was had,” is the sort of passive construction that will take your reader right out of the flow and engage their critical engines. “I had fun,” may sound like an admission of guilt, but your academic judges are people too. They will be on your side as long as your writing is candid and upbeat.

Be original, be yourself, be confident. There is only one of you and you are the only expert on that subject. Write from your own experience and you may even amaze yourself. If you are struggling to know where to start, know that you are not alone. Start with an experience that you expected to turn out badly but somehow things worked out in the end. Take a few passes at it and choose the best.

Be clear and use unambiguous sentence structures. A sentence that stretches on for a page is great for French literature, but a real killer for your admissions essay. The average admissions counselor spends eight minutes devoted to your essay. Don’t force them to spend your eight minutes untangling one unwieldy, convoluted sentence. Like your sentences, keep your ideas simple and straightforward.

These college admissions tips hopefully help you get a better idea of what admissions officers are looking for when you apply to college.  Contact our college admissions consulting team today to get help with your admissions essays and common app.



Our Admissions Consulting Helps You Get into Top Colleges

Our private admissions counselors develop a custom plan based on our proven admissions counseling experience, assuring 100% admissions.

Our college admissions counseling is like having a private coach to help you win the game. Beyond test scores, there are many things to consider. What kind of internship or summer job could enhance a possible weakness in your application? What is the common application and how should you approach it? When is an individualized application better? What are the tricks to writing a stellar college admission essay?


Help with the Common App

The common application makes it easier to apply to a greater number of universities and colleges; over 200 private academic institutions accept it, and last year 2.5 million college applications were filed. However, since it creates one universal application that will be used again and again, it is absolutely essential to get it right. Once a form is submitted, it cannot be retrieved or edited.  Work with private, college consultants to help you with your common app – including reviewing, advising, and providing tips and strategies to improve your common application.


Tips on college applications

Don’t think of it as an exercise in futility. Approached in the right spirit, completing the application will give you valuable skills that you will use again and again, in applying to programs and for jobs, and in creating a representative sketch of your skills for a resume or CV. The application should be a snap shot of your high school career.  Our college admissions consulting allows you to get advice on your resume, applications, and admissions essays.


Applying Early to College

Get organized and plan ahead for your college admissions planning. Print the common application out early and familiarize yourself with it. The common application can be competed online, but having a hard copy to start with will help you. Begin early on to identify experiences and accomplishments that you wish to highlight on the application. The goal is not to list every single experience and accomplishment, but to strategically highlight those that paint a representative picture of a balanced and comprehensive academic career. We have private college counselors who can help you stay organized, and make the application process easier for students and parents.


Admissions Essay and Application Advice

Working with college admissions counselors and private college counselors can help you identify your greatest strengths and weaknesses when applying to colleges.  Our college consultants have reviewed thousands of admissions applications and know how to help you craft the best admissions essays, common app forms, and build the best brag sheet for applying to Universities and Colleges.


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