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Our admissions committee and law school admissions team can help you get into top law schools, with our law school admissions consulting service.

Whether you are applying to top 10 law schools or Top 100 law schools, we’ll be able to help you gain admission and thus allow you to gain a law degree. If you are looking for law school admissions counselors can help you get into these law programs, then you have found the right people in our admissions team.

The first step to you practicing law is getting into top law schools. With our admissions consulting program, you will have inside information on what law school are looking for in their applicants.

Here’s how our private Law School Admissions Counseling works.
We do the following for you:

  • Develop a list of law schools where you can gain admission.
  • Review your LSAC applications, resume, law school personal statement, and all law school admissions supplemental materials.
  • Customize a specific plan for each law school application.
  • Give you feedback on what you need to do to get accepted into these top law school programs.
  • Create an application chances and probabilities profile for each law school program.
  • Produce a law school profile for you to present to those law school recommendations.
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I would recommend Top Test Prep’s LSAT and Law School Admissions Counseling to anyone serious. This LSAT isn’t easy, but the games and strategies that Top Test Prep teaches, and admissions counseling will help you get into top law schools.  Adam G.LSAT Prep and Law School Counseling