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Law school applications tend to be the most straight-forward, objective applications when it comes to graduate schools. Business school students, for example, are compared subjectively based on work experience and leadership positions, but law school applicants are judged mostly on two criteria–GPA and LSAT scores.   Our law school admissions consultants and counselors can help you understand the objective and subjective sides of the LSAC’s application to law school.

However, there are many things a law school applicant can do in order to improve their chances of admission.



Law School Admissions Tips

Here are some helpful tips if you’re applying to law schools:

(1) Make sure you balance your LSAC profile with important details about your extracurricular activities.  You should go beyond just writing all of the activities you’ve done in college, and write extensively about what these extracurricular activities meant to you and how you contributed.

(2) Get at least three excellent recommendations.  For each individual writing a law school recommendation, be sure to sit down ahead of time with these professors and connections to go over your resume and long term goals for attending law school.

(3) When should you take the LSAT exam?  You should take the LSAT at least 3 months before applying to law school.  Taking the exam in advance will give you piece of mind – and also will indicate whether you should take the exam again.  If you’re applying to tier 1 law schools – Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Penn, Columbia, Duke, and Cornell – be sure to aim for a 170 LSAT or above.  We can also help with LSAT tutoring and test prep.

(4) Write a law school personal statement that is a reflection of your college experiences, and not a resume of everything you did as an undegraduate.  The law school admissions essay is a critical piece of the LSAC profile.

(5) When should you apply to law school?  You should submit your LSAC profile and law school applications as soon as you can.  Most law schools are in rolling admissions and fill up with matriculated students by January and February of any application cycle.  The earlier you apply to law school, the better.



Focus on your GPA and LSAT

The first thing you want to do to get into a top-tier law school is improve your undergraduate GPA. The higher your GPA, the better your chance of getting into a top law school. A 3.3+ GPA or better is ideal for getting into the best law schools. If you’re still in school, make sure to focus on your grades and get the best GPA possible.

When it comes to the LSAT, you want to score a 165 or better to get into the top-tier programs. If you score below a 165, your chances of getting into a top-level program go down drastically. To summarize, a GPA of 3.3 or better and an LSAT of 165 or more will greatly improve your chances of getting into the best MBA programs in America.

It’s also important to know that the general theme of law school today is that it’s very competitive. Other than medical schools, it’s the second most competitive graduate program to get into. The higher you can get your GPA and the better you do on the LSAT, the greater your chances of getting into a top program.


Leadership and Extracurriculars

If you’re considering top-tier law schools, you absolutely need to have leadership and extracurricular activities. We recommend at least three solid examples in which you have shown your ability to contribute to your campus life. If you’re out of school already and in the work force, consider showing examples where you’ve lead on a team


The Personal Statement Matters

Beyond the LSAT and GPA, you should also focus intensively on your law school personal statement. This is a critical piece of the admissions process. Once your GPA and LSAT (two objective measures) are completed, there’s really only a personal statement left in which you can distinguish yourself from other applicants. We can help improve this portion of the LSAC’s application. Additionally, we’ll help you find the best topics to write and discuss in your application.


How Top Test Prep Can Help

Top Test Prep offers law school admissions counseling and private LSAT tutoring that will help you become the most competitive candidate possible. We can help you to prepare a list of schools where you can gain admission, customize a specific plan for each law school application, and improve your chances of getting in with one-on-one tutoring to improve your LSAT score. All of Top Test Prep LSAT tutors have scored in the top 99 percentile for the LSAT exam, and average a 175 or higher. Our LSAT prep will help to improve your LSAT score on all sections: logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasoning. If you’re looking to get into a top tier law school, contact us today.


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