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The medical school admissions process is highly competitive with many schools maintaining a less than 10% acceptance rate. Due to the competition, proper preparation for the MCAT exam and other admissions requirements are critical for getting into the best possible medical school.

This admissions information will discuss some important factors in the medical school admissions process and help to replace any application anxiety with a sense of preparedness and empowerment.


Get into Medical School

Our private admissions counselors develop a custom plan based on our proven admissions counseling experience, assuring 100% admissions.

Our college admissions counseling is like having a private coach to help you win the game. Beyond test scores, there are many things to consider. What kind of internship or summer job could enhance a possible weakness in your application? What is the common application and how should you approach it? When is an individualized application better? What are the tricks to writing a stellar college admission essay?


1. The MCAT Exam

Admissions committees use MCAT scores to assess an applicants relative level of preparedness for the rigorous pre-clinical years of medical school. They do this because data supports a strong correlation between MCAT scores and scores on the USMLE 1, a United States medical licensing exam.

Knowledge and familiarity with the format and content of the MCAT is critical in order to be properly prepared for the exam. It’s best to demystify the process by taking a preparatory course and by taking practice exams as the MCAT approaches.


3. Med School Interview Prep

You also need to be prepared for your medical school interview.  Watch this video to get sample questions and advice from one of our medical school admissions counselors as you apply to med school.



2. The College Courses You Need to Take

The courses you take are important for medical school applications. Many applicants think that success in organic chemistry is all that medical schools are interested in, but nothing could be more wrong.

Instead, the order in which you take courses, the number of science courses that are taken concurrently, as well as the academic and intellectual cross section of courses that are taken are all important factors in becoming the strongest applicant possible. Top Test Prep’s medical school admissions counselors can help you to come up with the most effective course taking strategy.


4. Trusted Med School Advisers

In every step of your medical school career, it’s important to find genuine, trusted advisers. These are mentors who have navigated through the process and who can help you with getting a greater understanding of the application process. When it comes to medical school admissions, this is particularly important because these trusted advisers can also be the authors of future letters of recommendation.

One of the best ways you can choose a trusted advisor is to find someone you want to be like someday. Ask them for advice on the medical school application process and see if they are willing to answer questions throughout the process. At Top Test Prep, we’re also happy to serve as your trusted advisers. We have medical school admissions consultants who have gone through the medical school application process and can help you to be as prepared as possible when applying to medical school. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to get into the best medical school possible.

Our medical school admissions advisors can also help you better understand how and why extracurricular activities matter in the application process:

Meaningful extracurricular activities are a very important part of the medical school admissions process. An example of meaningful extracurricular activities can be anything that is practical and involves sustained volunteer experience for greater than six to twelve months and preferably is in the medical field with direct patient care.

Research is also highly valued. The process of bringing a project from conception to peer review publication or presentation at a science meeting is a demonstration of intellectual curiosity and a willingness to see a project through to its completion. What’s really important when it comes to extra-curricular activities is to find something that you are passionate about because this will show in your application.


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