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How We’ll Help You Get into Top Private Schools

We work with you one-on-one to develop an admission plan and strategy for each child’s journey. We will employ every tool in our considerable experience to help your child attain a position in one of the best private schools.

Our years of teaching experience combined with the highest academic standards, bring the best results.


Private School Application Tips

Our private admissions counselors develop a custom plan based on our proven admissions counseling experience, assuring 100% admissions.

There are both objective and subjective ways to gain admission to boarding schools. Before we start looking at the subjective factors to acceptance, we want to establish the objective standard upon which students are evaluated when applying to boarding schools.

Here are some admissions tips to help students get into top private schools –

(1) Work on your private school applications way in advance – at least months before hand.

(2) Develop an admissions theme for all parts of the application.

(3) Meet with alumni from these schools.

(4) Get recommendations from individuals who know your son or daughter best.

(5) Work on your essays and interview prep to distinguish the SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT scores.

We hope these admissions tips help – and our prep school and private school admissions consulting can help you even more, call 1-800-501-7737 today.



Your children will need to complete about 15 hours of homework per week in Private School, more than twice the homework of the average public school. Prove to them that your child is ready for the workload by emphasizing extra credit assignments, time spent on independent reading or their outside interests that required research like science or sports.


Does your child excel in small groups? Beyond the academic requirements, private schools want to be sure that your child will benefit from smaller classes and individual attention, which some children perceive as closer observation. Include examples of modest social achievements alongside successes in school.


Manage your expectations to coincide with those of the school. You must have done your research on the school’s values. If not, start now. Choose your preferred school based on their values and what they are trying to achieve. It should be easy, starting from this end, to see where your expectations for your child’s education are in sync with the school you have chosen.


Hone in on leadership skills. Think of instances where your child made a hard decision or motivated a group of peers. It is not as important that they held leadership roles as it is what skills they demonstrated. What schools are looking for is evidence that they can develop into leaders.


Keep it concise and focused. One thing private schools consistently say is that parents go overboard, so much so that the personality of the child is lost. Don’t make a simple list or a rambling tale of the many adventures you’ve shared. Choose a handful of characteristic that make your child unique and give concrete examples.


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