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Advice for High School Freshman on College Preparation

Here are some helpful tips for high school freshmen:

You have just entered high school and you’re overwhelmed by the number of students, all of those course options, and more clubs than you could have imagined. Settle down a little and after you’ve found your feet, it’s time to start preparing for the future. An important part of the future is college if you want to reach your full potential and enjoy the opportunities which are out there. What pre-college steps can you take as you transition into your freshman year.

Take Your Academic Work Seriously
As your academic work load increases, it is important that you stay on top of it and meet those deadlines. Reach out to your teachers to talk over an assignment or discuss a lecture. Seeking help when material isn’t clear is a sign of maturity.

Join Clubs
Explore extra-curricular activities. You can take your interests to a new level and discover new ones by attending club meetings. With time you will identify a couple of clubs that you want to devote your time to.

Begin Your Community Service, earlier than later..
Share your skills with the community. If you’re into environmentalism, you could formulate ideas for making your school more environmentally efficient. If you’re an athlete, offer your knowledge to disadvantaged or disabled young people.

Create A Four Year Academic Plan
Identify mandatory and optional high school courses with your counselor and family. Ensure that you are on the rights track for those Advanced Placement math or English courses you want to take during your final two years.

Enjoy Your High School Years
This is a challenging period, but you can make it an intellectually gratifying one with great friendships and the opportunity to contribute to your community if you choose. The path to college and a successful and productive life begins now.

David Dickson is a academic counselor and admissions counselor with Top Test Prep whose admissions and testing experts can assist you with test preparation and gaining admission to your top private schools, colleges and grad schools. To learn more about TTP’s private tutoring and admissions programs, simply call (800) 501-7737.

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