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American College Freshman Rate Themselves Highly…of course.

According to a national study conducted by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute this past academic year, American college freshman have a favorable view of their academic and social skills. Their confidence falters only in a few select areas.

Student Self-Assessments

Students rated self as “Highest 10%” or “Above Average” as compared with the average person their age in:

Ability to work cooperatively with diverse people 77.7%
Drive to achieve 75.8%
Tolerance of others with different beliefs 72.2%
Cooperativeness 71.8%
Ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective 66.5%
Understanding of others 66.4%
Ability to discuss and negotiate controversial issues 62.4%
Leadership ability 60.4%
Self-confidence (intellectual) 59.3%
Openness to having my own views challenged 57.9%
Self-understanding 57.1%
Computer skills 37.2%
Spirituality 35.7%
Artistic ability 29.2%

Self-confidence that doesn’t evolve into arrogance is a positive trait. Top Test Prep with its test and admissions specialists can enhance your confidence that you will gain admission to your top schools.
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