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AP Classes: the more the merrier?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are notoriously difficult because they are taught at the college level. Unlike other standardized tests that ask straightforward questions, AP exams test your ability to explain, predict, and compare concepts in a specific subject area. Exams are given once a year in May, and are scored on a 5-point scale—a score above 3 is considered a passing grade.


Success in AP classes requires a commitment on your part, but the potential benefits are significant. First of all, some colleges and universities will reward a passing score on an AP exam with college credit in that subject. That means you could walk onto campus with some credits already on your transcript and you could skip over introductory-level classes. You’ll need to do your research, because each school has a different policy regarding AP scores.


Let’s say your dream school doesn’t grant credit for passing AP scores. Does that mean an AP course is a waste of time? Absolutely not! The second benefit you will enjoy with a passing AP score in your college application will be the evidence to admissions officers that you take advantage of challenges available to you in your curriculum, and you excel at those challenges. AP courses will develop your critical thinking and writing skills, which are important traits of a well-rounded student.

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