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Athletic Recruiting Service for High School Athlete Recruits

Thousands of athletes each year look for advice to be recruited into top NCAA athletic programs. So we’ve just introduced a new Athletic Recruiting Service from Top Test Prep. Admissions Experts, Ross Blankenship and Jon Moberly, will help students and parents with the following NCAA recruiting:

For Athletes
The High School Plan
Selecting the Right College
Selecting the Best Athletic Summer Scouting Camps
Preparing College Applications
Paying for College
Getting into Elite Private and Public Schools For High School Athlete Recruits (Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)
NCAA Compliance Issues
12-Month Custom Strategy to Get Into Top Colleges
Coach Athlete Marketing and Custom Videos

Admissions Consulting (For Athlete Families)
College & Private School Lists
Scheduling and Organization
The Application
Mock Interviews
Continuous Support

To find out more about our Athletic Recruiting Services and how we can help college sports recruits and high school recruits get into top colleges and NCAA programs, call (800) 501-7737.

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