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Becoming a Private Tutor

Flexible Hours and competitive pay may be luring, but ask yourself why you want to tutor. If you are looking to become a tutor, make sure it is something that would work for you. Are willing to work evening hours (think after school) and maybe weekends here and there? You have to be flexible and willing to work around and coordinate schedules between yourself and the student. While those are some logistical questions about becoming a tutor, ask yourself if you have the disposition to be a tutor. It is not an easy job, though very rewarding.

  1. Are you familiar and knowledgeable on the material you would like to tutor? Have you taken these exams before or have a particular affinity for the subject? Knowing your subject or test inside and out will instill confidence in your tutoring which will be clear to the student and their parents.

  2. Have you ever tutored or taught students before? Any specific area or age range?

  3. Are you a patient person? Tutoring usually means the student is struggling in the area you are working in the most. Because of this, they will struggle and even become frustrated. You may have to work on a concept over multiple lessons and your patience tested. When they finally grasp the concept they will light up and it will be worth it, but the road there can be trying.

  4. Are you creative? Now, being able to paint or write or dance is great, but were are looking for a different kind of creativity. Do you have intellectual creativity? The kind where you understand the material you are tutoring so well you are able to explain the same concept in several different ways? Each and every student is different. They have different strengths and weaknesses, different learning styles, and different approaches to tutoring. As a tutor you may need to create a visual and interactive study techniques to reach a student. Other students may like their new material presented as homework giving them a chance to tackle it on their own first. Being creative and flexible will help you each each of your very different students.

  5. Do you have a good attitude? Struggling in a subject or on a concept can be tough on students. They may get frustrated and not want to be in tutoring at all. The last thing you want is for this frustration to take over and ruin their attitude, experience, and test scores. The tutor is responsible for setting the attitude and keeping things positive through rough patches.

These qualities are critical to being a good tutor. Having these qualities and having a love of seeing it “click” for students will make your job as a tutor all that more enjoyable. If you have these skills and qualities  we are always looking for quality tutors at Top Test Prep. Reach out to us and submit your application online at toptestprep.com.

For more information on becoming one of your elite tutors, contact Kristin Nance, Director of Domestic and International Programs at Top Test Prep. Top Test Prep is the elite one on one tutoring and admissions company featuring some of the best and brightest tutors and admission experts in the business.  Kristin can be reached at 202-618-4532.


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