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Best Universities in the World, Official Ranking

Here’s some information on the best Universities in the world…

In a globalized world where job opportunities cross borders, proactive American student and their families should be aware of foreign educational options and how American universities measure up internationally. The United Kingdom’s Times Higher Education service has come up with global university rankings which serve this purpose. Drawing upon the expertise of 13,000 academics from 131 countries, these rankings are based on the following criteria:

-Teaching: The learning environment (30 per cent of the overall ranking score)
-Research: Volume, income and reputation (30 per cent)
-Citations: Research influence (32.5 per cent)
-Industry income: Innovation (2.5 per cent)
-International mix: Staff and students (5 per cent)

The Twenty Top World Universities and Their Overall Scores
1. Harvard University 96.1
2. California Institute of Technology 96.0
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 95.6
4. Stanford University 94.3
5. Princeton University 94.2
6. University of Cambridge, UK 91.2
7. University of Oxford, UK 91.2
8. University of California, Berkeley 91.1
9. Imperial College, London 90.6
10. Yale University 89.5
11. University of California, Los Angeles 87.7
12. The University of Chicago 86.9
13. Johns Hopkins University 86.4
14. Cornell University 83.9
15. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 83.4
16. The University of Michigan 83.4
17. The University of Toronto 82.0
18. Columbia University 81.0
19. The University of Pennsylvania 79.5
20. Carnegie Mellon University 79.3

The motto for students and their families in the new millennium should be to “think globally and act globally” in education and career-wise. Your future depends on it!

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