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Gateway to Boarding School Tips

The Gateway to Prep Schools is an online based application for private and boarding schools similar to the Common Application used for college. Most of the top boarding schools in the country are members of the Gateway system. You will use it to submit your entire application, from inquiry surveys to personal statements. It is very convenient because you can use the same basic information, such as your candidate profiles and recommendations, and submit it to all of the schools. To have the best possible application through Gateway, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your candidate profile is complete and thorough. This may seem obvious, but you don’t want a clerical error to prevent your chances of entrance. A sloppily done candidate profile will be a huge red flag for admissions officers.
  • Essays. Do not be tempted to use the same essay for different schools! Although the Common Application uses the same main essays for all the schools, each Gateway school will require their own essays. The key to a good essay is to make it personal, and make it tailored to the school so that your passion is apparent in the essay. Admissions officers can tell when you recycle essays!
  • Recommendations. Make sure that you have sat down with each of the people who you have asked to write a recommendation for you. You want to make sure that they really know who you are. Your recommenders are there to help you (what teacher doesn’t want to say one of their students is going to Exeter?), so don’t be afraid to ask them to sit down with you.
  • Supplements and special interest recommendations. If you are really exceptional at a sport, instrument, or arts, go ahead and submit supplementary materials. Be honest with yourself. Have a close friend or relative assess your abilities. You don’t have to be the next Picasso or Michael Jordan, but if you participate in arts or sports just to participate, you might not want to send this stuff in. An admissions officer does not want to hear a student play chopsticks or hear from a coach that “he tries hard”.

If you are planning on applying to a top boarding school, you will most likely need to familiarize yourself with the Gateway System. Our admissions experts at Top Test Prep can help you. Call for your free consultation at (800) 501 7737.

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