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Newest Boarding School Rankings*

1. Phillips Academy Andover    Andover accepted 14% of its applicants for matriculation in 2013, second only to Deerfield. They had the highest required SSAT score for entry, at 94th percentile.
2. Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter remains in the top 5 boarding schools with an admissions rate of 18%, and an admissions SSAT score of the 90th percentile.
3. Deerfield Academy Deerfield was the most selective boarding school in 2013, accepting only 13% of its applicants. They required an 87th percentile SSAT score for matriculation.
4. St Paul’s School Tied with Hotchkiss for admissions rates at 16%, St Paul continued to produce Ivy League bound students, with 30% heading out to Ivys, MIT or Stanford.
5. The Hotchkiss School Hotchkiss remained one of the most selective this year once more at a 16% admissions rate, tied with St. Paul’s. It required an 85th percentile SSAT score for 2013.
6. The Thacher School The first of two top boarding schools on the West Coast, Thacher admitted 17% of its applicants, and required an 86th percentile SSAT score.
7. Cate School The second of the two top boarding schools in California, Cate admitted 17% of applicants this year, with a required SSAT score of 82%.
8. Groton School Upholding the reputation of Northeast boarding schools, Groton had a 90th percentile SSAT score requirement for 2013, and admitted 19% of its applicants.
9. Middlesex School With a student body of 375, Middlesex had a selective admissions rate of 19%, and its students scored in the 86th percentile on the SSAT.
10. Choate Rosemary Hall One of the larger student bodies amongst top boarding schools, Choate required an 85th percentile SSAT score, and admitted 19% of applicants.
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11. The Lawrenceville School A great boarding school for matriculation into Ivys, MIT and Stanford at 27%, Lawrenceville admitted 21% of its applicants, with an SSAT score in the 84th percentile.
12. The Taft School With a student body of 587, Taft had an admissions rate of 23%, with an Ivy, MIT and Stanford matriculation of 19%.
13. Georgetown Preparatory School Located in the DC metro area, Georgetown Prep was very selective with its required SSAT scores at the 90th percentile, and an admissions rate of 23%.
14. Milton Academy The second largest of the Top 20 boarding schools with 980 students, Milton is the only K through 12 boarding school in the rankings. It was equally selective with its SSAT scores at the 90th percentile, and an admissions rate of 26%.
15. Miss Porter’s School An all-girls school located in Connecticut, Miss Porter’s is one of the smaller boarding schools on the list. Its 2013 admissions rate was at 29%, and the required SSAT score reached the 89th percentile.
16. St Andrew’s School The only boarding school in the rankings in Delaware, St Andrew’s has a student body of 300. In 2013, they admitted 29% of their applicants, and required an 84th percentile SSAT score.
17. Episcopal High School The second of two top boarding schools located in the DC metro area, Episcopal admitted 30% of its applicants for matriculation in 2013. Their required SSAT score reached the 80th percentile this year.
18. The Loomis Chaffee School With 13% of its students matriculating at Ivys, MIT or Stanford this year, Loomis accepted 28% of its students, requiring a 70th percentile SSAT score.
19. The Governors Academy Located in Byfield, MA, the Governors Academy admitted 29% of their applicants, and its freshman class scored in the 75th percentile on the SSAT.
20. The Peddie School Closing out the rankings, Peddie sent 19% of its graduating class to Ivys, MIT or Stanford. Their 2013 admissions rate was 23%, with its students scoring in the 70th percentile.


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Boarding School Rankings Criteria and Reasoning:

The data used in this boarding school ranking was based on objective measures including historical acceptance rates, median SSAT scores, percent of students attending Ivy League Schools, median SAT and ACT scores, and alumni endowments.  These rankings of America’s best boarding schools include factual data to assist parents as they’re searching for the best private schools and boarding school options for their families. Our boarding school rankings can help assist your family when applying to top schools.

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