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Scores for Top 10 Boarding Schools

Here is the million dollar question: what score will I need to get into a top 10 boarding school? Well, Top Test Prep’s admissions experts have compiled a list of the top boarding schools in the country.  You can find our full list here: www.toptestprep.com/best-boarding-school-rankings.

But, for your benefit, I will list the top 10 schools here and the average SSAT scores for admitted students. Keep in mind that these are not hard cutoff scores, but you will need to score around these levels to have a competitive application.

  1. Phillips Exeter Academy: 94th percentile
  2. Phillips Academy Andover: 94th percentile
  3. Lawrenceville School: 84th percentile
  4. Groton School: 90th percentile
  5. Middlesex School: 85th percentile
  6. St. Paul’s School: 89th percentile
  7. Milton Academy: 90th percentile
  8. Hotchkiss School: 87th percentile
  9. Choate Rosemary Hall: 85th percentile
  10. Deerfield Academy: 87th percentile

You may notice that the percentile does not necessarily reflect the rankings. The top two schools (Exeter and Andover) usually have an SSAT percentile of 94 for admitted students. Our private school admissions experts took many different factors into account when compiling this list. Getting a high SSAT score will get your application considered, but it is up to the subjective part of your admissions, such as your essays, interviews, and recommendations to seal the deal.

However, if you are planning to attend one of these elite boarding schools, you should have a goal score in the range of 85th-95th percentile. To maximize your chances of getting a score in this range, you should start studying 3 to 6 months ahead of time. Take practice tests, study your vocab, and work on your test taking strategies.


Here at Top Test Prep, we have SSAT experts who have taken the test and can help students build the foundation they will need to achieve the score they need to get into a top boarding school. We will also help you with your admissions applications. We have helped students get into all of these top ten schools; therefore, we would like to help you too! For more information, call (800) 501 7737 or email us at [email protected]

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