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Can I Get Into College If I Can’t Afford Tuition?

College can get expensive. According to the College Board, a moderate college budget for an in-state public college is $22,261. That figure rises to $43,289 for a private college. These numbers can be intimidating, and some prospective students find these figures to be deterrents from applying, believing that they would not be accepted to a given school because of their financial situations. It is important to keep in mind that many, if not most colleges work under need-blind admissions. This means that the students are accepted without regard to their financial situations, or their possible need for financial aid.

However, just because the admission is need-blind does not mean that the needs are fully met by financial aid packages. Many times, even though the need-blind admissions process could allow for admission to a school, the student will still need to take out loans to fill the tuition requirement.

Most schools have the concept of the Unit Loan. This is the amount of combined loans offered to meet financial need before any scholarship is offered. The unit loan for many schools hovers around $22,000 a year. The distribution of the loan can vary from school to school, but some of the components usually include Federal Loans and a campus-based loan.

On the other hand, need aware admissions mean that the university makes most of its admissions decisions without considering the student’s need for aid, however they may reserve some spots open for students who are able to meet the full cost of tuition without loans or scholarships.

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