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The ACT Writing Sample: if it’s optional, why bother taking it?

When you’re taking the ACT, the last section of the test is the “optional” writing sample. You’ve already faced four sections of multiple-choice questions, and now you have to write! Oh, and your essay won’t affect your composite score. So, why bother paying extra for the ACT Plus Writing and sitting through that last half-hour […]

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Tips and Strategies for the ACT

Some students, who have registered to take the ACT exam, make the mistake of treating the ACT like the SAT.  However, these two tests differ in format, in length and in points.  In this video, one of Top Test Prep’s tutors shares some of her tips and strategies for the ACT so students can take […]

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ACT vs SAT: which should you take?

Students often wonder which test is better suited for them when applying to college – the ACT or the SAT? What are the differences, if any, between these two tests?  Do they need to take these two tests?  These are all important questions since students’ SAT and ACT scores play a prominent part in their […]

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Private Tutoring and Test Prep: a Beautiful Partnership

These days, there is no shortage of test preparation strategies out there. You can buy workbooks, practice tests and advice books, and the Internet is jam-packed with all kinds of blogs and websites filled with pointers and how-tos. With all that information out there, does private tutoring for a test like the ACT, SAT, GMAT […]

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Planning Your Senior Year of High School

There’s a lot going on during everyone’s senior year of high school, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. While you have some free time this summer, take a minute to plan out your college admissions calendar, paying attention to the application deadlines at the colleges on your list. Here is a basic outline of the […]

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ACT Strategies

As you plan your college admissions strategy, one of the first places to start is with standardized tests. Realize though that not all exams are the same. If you decide to take the ACT, keep these test-taking tips in mind: No Guessing Penalty: Unlike the SAT, the ACT does not deduct points for incorrect answers. […]

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The ACT Science Section – Strategies and Tips to Prep

Want tips for preparing for the ACT science section?  You’re probably used to standardized test questions on mathematics, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and English grammar. The ACT exam takes it one step further with its section on science; here are some tips to master it, regardless of your scientific background: Know the types of […]

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Vocabulary List – SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT

We want to share our most updated vocabulary list to help students preparing for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE. Make sure to bookmark this link in your test prep review. http://toptestprep.com/about/vocabulary-and-word-list/ We hope this helps you prepare! If you have any questions about getting test prep or tutoring help, call us directly at (800) […]

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How to Improve Your Scores over Holiday Break!

It seems like just yesterday that the fall semester started back up, you greeted friends you hadn’t seen over the summer, and classes began.  Before you knew it, the semester was half over–now we’re on to Thanksgiving, and winter break is right around the corner.  You are probably looking forward to a change from the […]

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5 New Ways to Prep for the SAT (Or Any Other Standardized Test)!

1. Listen to Music Not all music starts and ends with “Baby, baby, baby, yea.”  There are a number of bands out there with serious lyrical and storytelling chops.  Take, for instance, The Decemberists.  They blend storytelling and an impressive vocabulary to make for unique lyrics that can teach you a thing or two.  Here’s […]

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