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How SAT and ACT Prep Can Help You Get a Scholarship

Many students focus on college entrance exams such as the PSAT, SAT, and the ACT as necessary to get into their preferred colleges; however, test scores are also considered for many academic scholarships and grants. High test scores can improve students’ chances of receiving scholarship awards and grants. Many scholarship requirements include high test scores. […]

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How to prepare for the ACT exam / test day

It’s 8:00 AM. Saturday. The day you have been both waiting for and dreading over the past few months. ACT Test day. Although you will certainly be feeling the pressure, remember that today is the day you get to show what you know. It isn’t the time to cram the formula for volume of a […]

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Should you take the SAT or ACT exam? Which is better for you…

Article about whether you should take the SAT or ACT exam: College admissions tests can be overwhelming, but choosing the test (SAT vs. ACT) that best suits you puts you on the path to success early on. While the SAT is historically regarded as the typical admissions test, the ACT is quickly gaining ground and […]

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What ACT Score Do I Need? The Magic Number

More and more, colleges are beginning to consider students holistically. Admissions committees acknowledge and reward a breadth of interests, like athletic achievement, artistic endeavors, or other activities. Your application includes a variety of information: personal statements, academic records, and recommendations all play important roles. In light of this, you may wonder how important are your […]

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How to Prepare for the SAT and ACT during Christmas Break

If you’re studying for the SAT and ACT, you can easily use the Christmas break to prepare wisely. Here are three quick tips to help you prepare for both the SAT and ACT exams during your vacation. (1) Practice at least 1 hour a day during the week. Split your time between Math, Reading and […]

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ACT Exam Test Dates, 2011-2012

The Top Test Prep team has compiled a list of ACT exam test dates. Hope they help you get prepared for the ACT! Here they are…ACT test dates, Registration Closes, Late Registration Closes 22-Oct-11, 16-Sep-11, 30-Sep-11 10-Dec-11, 4-Nov-11, 18-Nov-11 11-Feb-12, 13-Jan-12, 20-Jan-12 14-Apr-12, 9-Mar-12, 23-Mar-12 9-June-12, 4-May-12, 8-May-12 ***** The ACT exam is coming up. […]

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Steps to Improve Your SAT and ACT Scores

Here are some helpful tips to improve your SAT and ACT exam scores and overall performance: First note: If it’s possible, find a reputable private test preparatory service early in your high school years to assist you in reaching your testing potential. General guidelines for test preparation include the following. (1) Take several mock ACT/SAT […]

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Summer Test Prep Tips

Three Tips for Summer Test Prep Success… Top Test Prep’s team hopes you’re staying cool in this summer heat. We’d like to share three tips with you to stay prepared this summer – for fall grades and academic success. Also, you’ll find our Specials for the Month of June. Tip #1: Read one more book […]

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SAT and ACT Prep Tips: Test Day Strategies

If you’re preparing for the SAT and ACT exam, you want simple test prep strategies and tips that will help you on test day. Here are three things you can use to help improve your SAT and ACT scores on the actual test date. (1) Remember your fundamentals.  Both the SAT and ACT are written with basic math, reading and writing […]

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Summer Programs for Students | SAT | ACT Exam Prep

We've just released our new summer programs for SAT and ACT exam prep.  If your son or daughter is preparing to take either the SAT or ACT, or perhaps you'd like them to review the Advanced Algebra and Advanced Writing this summer, check out our summer programs! Summer Program options: SAT Academy:  $1195 (4 weeks) […]

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