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SAT Word of the Day – “Abdicate”

Here’s Top Test Prep’s SAT Vocabulary, Word of the Day – Abdicate (verb)- cast off or relinquish Find out more about Top Test Prep’s SAT Tutoring or ACT Tutoring, by calling (800) 501-Prep.

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SAT Prep, ACT Prep Courses and College Readiness

As a leading test prep provider, Top Test Prep offers SAT prep and ACT prep courses for high schools. In addition, Top Test Prep has college readiness programs which allow schools to expand their current curricula and improve their students’ state testing standards. Call us today at (800) 501-PREP or go to our contact page […]

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How to Improve your SAT or ACT scores

There are several ways you can improve your SAT or ACT scores.  At Top Test Prep, we have improved SAT and ACT scores by isolating the following common issues: timing and test anxiety.  We’ve found ways to help you prepare for these exams and battle these major issues. How to Improve your SAT or ACT […]

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Georgetown | DC | Maryland | Virginia Tutoring

Top Test Prep is proud to offer private tutoring in Washington DC, including tutoring for Georgetown, GWU, Catholic, Howard and American University students, as well as the broader Washington DC community. Top Test Prep Location: 3615 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington DC 20016 (800) 501-7737 As many of our readers know, we have been expanding rapidly. […]

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Top 10 Test Prep Tips to Improve Your Exam Scores

Here are the Top 10 test prep tips to improve your exam scores… I’d like to share with our readers tips to use for test prep, whether you’re taking the SAT exam, ACT exam or other standardized tests like the LSAT, GMAT, GRE or MCAT. Preparing for exams can be tedious, but with the right […]

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Wall Street Journal – ACT Test Article

Responding to the ACT Test Prep article… Today’s Wall Street Journal article on the ACT exam is indicative of a larger need to bring test prep to schools and high schools across America. What we recommend is that high schools implement ACT prep programs that allow many deserving students the opportunity to not only take […]

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Back to School SAT and ACT Prep – Private Tutoring

Here’s how to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams as you’re going back to school during the fall… As many students are heading back to school during August, we highly recommend signing up for your private tutoring and test prep now in time for the SAT Test and ACT tests later this fall. Our SAT […]

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Parents’ Guide to College Admissions

Most commonly asked questions for Top Test Prep (Part 1): What’s a “good” SAT or ACT score? A good SAT or ACT score depends on which college or university you’re applying to during the admissions season. If you’re GPA is great (3.7+) and you score above the median SAT or ACT range of a University […]

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Private Tutoring (SAT Prep, ACT Prep) and Admissions Consulting

For private, home tutoring, SAT prep, ACT prep and admissions consulting, Contact us today at (800) 501-7737, or go to our private home tutoring and college admissions consulting pages. Helping Students Get Into: Ivy League Schools (Ivy League Admissions Consultants) Top Colleges and Universities Elite Private Schools (K-12) Graduate Schools and more…

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Should I re-take the SAT or ACT?

We’ve had many questions about whether students should re-take the SAT or ACT after receiving their scores back. Perhaps they were a bit disappointed with their SAT or ACT exam results. There are a few things to consider: (1) Where does your SAT or ACT score fit within the range of schools you’re applying? -For […]

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