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Seven Tips For College Admissions Video Essays

Some schools have recently added the option of creating a video essay for your admissions package. How can you take advantage of this opportunity and highlight your strengths? 1. Address the question and follow any directions which are offered such as length. If a short video is requested, a minute in length is best. 2.Brainstorm […]

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Nine Style and Grammatical Errors to Avoid In Your College Admissions Essay

College admissions essays are an important part of your admissions packet. As such, they should be written with care and tailored to the questions posed by the institution to which you are applying. Basic stylistic and grammatical errors reflect poorly on you and should be avoided. A listing of common errors on the college admissions […]

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Four Ways to Avoid College Admissions Application Rejection

As many students hit the “submit” button and send off their college applications, they forget that the application itself is just one part of what needs to be submitted. There are several other documents that must be received in order for a college to consider your file ready for review. Here are four ways to […]

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How to Prepare for An Admissions Interview

The most selective colleges place a particular emphasis on admissions interviews. How can you prepare? 1. Do Your Homework: Demonstrate how well you know the college. Research the web-site, including possible majors of interest, study abroad programs, and extracurricular activities. 2. Be Yourself: Authenticity is important. Allow your personality to shine. 3. Make it a […]

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How To Incorporate a College Major Into Your College Selection

A variety of factors should go into your college selection, but few are more important than those related to a possible college major. Exploring a major requires research which goes beyond a standard college web-site, but the rewards of doing so will extend to your college experience and your subsequent ability to find a good […]

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College Applications and Attendance Up As Value of College Degree Grows

College Applications and Attendance Up As Value of College Degree Grows Recently released findings from the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shed light on the state of American higher education and the continued value of a college degree. 1. College Applications Have Increased In 2010, 73 percent […]

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How to Get the Best College Recommendations

[This article discusses how to approach getting the best college recommendations] College recommendations are an important part of your college application package. Recommendations can set you apart from other applicants and provide the admissions committee with personalized insights. How should you approach them? 1. Read the Fine Print The number of letters required and the […]

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Ten Important College Admissions Trends

Here are Ten Important College Admissions Trends, for students applying to colleges: The most recent results from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling’s annual survey of what is transpiring in the world of college admissions follow. 1. College Enrollment Is Up As of 2009, 20.4 million students were enrolled in college, representing 70 percent […]

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Four College Admissions Myths and Reality

Conventional wisdom from friends and family on the college admissions process is often wrong. Four common college admissions myths and the truth follow. College Admission Myth One: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go to College A common refrain from peers and sometimes parents is that education is basically the same everywhere and you will get […]

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How to prepare for your college admissions interview

College interviews are often an integral part of the application process at colleges with competitive admissions processes. College admissions interviews don’t have to be tough! Here’s some help for that all important admissions interview. Four ideas for a successful admissions interview follow. 1. Be an Interesting Interviewee by Getting Out of the Typical Teen-Age Comfort […]

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