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What Admissions Offices Want

What Admissions Offices Want: Objective vs. Subjective Standards There are two sides to an admissions application for both colleges and graduate schools: objective vs. subjective standards. An admissions office wants both of these components, although some admissions committees emphasize one more than the other. For definition purposes: the objective side of your application includes your […]

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5 Tips to Get Off the Waitlist

So you’ve been put on the waitlist for your top school? Well, it might not be the most ideal situation, but I’ll try to help you get off the admissions waitlist with a few easy admissions tips. Whether you’re on the admissions waitlist for a top college, medical school, graduate school, business school, these steps […]

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Top 5 College Application Mistakes

When you’re applying to colleges, it’s important to know the most common application mistakes, and how you can prevent these simple errors. In fact, these common admissions application mistakes can make your test scores and hard work in school less relevant. Knowing these mistakes can make your application perfect and won’t get you rejected from […]

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Tutoring, Test Prep, Admissions Experts

Here’s our new updated tutoring and test prep guide. We hope you enjoy it, and look forward to helping you improve your test scores. For more information on Top Test Prep’s private tutoring or admissions counseling, call (800) 501-Prep.

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A Message for the Class of 2010 Graduates

Congratulations to you for completing your college courses and moving one-step closer to the real world. Whether you’re starting a job and beginning your career, or applying to graduate programs, we congratulate you. It’s an incredibly momentous occasion and you should be proud. At Top Test Prep, we’re proud to continue serving those applying to […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News College Rankings Report, Part III

How much would you estimate schools spend to lobby or market to improve their rankings? The ranking system is sort of lobby-proof. Talking to US News isn’t going to improve your ranking because they are based on quantitative numbers, a formula, but certainly schools send out brochures, try to raise their profile among other presidents […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report Rankings, Part II

Have you seen any questionable practices put in place just so a college can increase its ranking? There was an event in the summer that came to light, even though I think it was debunked: that the president of Clemson  – they were not voting honestly on the peer assessment survey … but we have […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report College Rankings, Part I

Meet the man behind the single most influential list in college admissions. Bob Morse is the Director of Data Research at U.S. News & World Report, the head of its revered college ranking system. As the force behind a series of annual publications that have achieved unanticipated fame within higher education, Bob Morse has helped […]

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Getting Scholarship Money to Fund Your Education: Where to Begin

Some tips on getting scholarship money to fund your education… 1. Start researching now. Don’t assume you’re ineligible for a scholarship without thoroughly researching what’s out there. Use the internet, see where your friends are applying, buy a scholarship guide at a bookstore, and ask your college counselor for suggestions. There are scholarships for everything, […]

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Tips on Editing Your College Admissions Essay

There are two ways to approach writing a college admissions essay: finding a unique subject, or finding a unique angle on a familiar subject. In addition to displaying your writing abilities, a college admissions essay helps round out your character to an admissions committee. It reveals – or is intended to reveal – who you […]

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