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How Much Can You Earn Over A Lifetime With Your Degree?

A recently released study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and The Work-Force traces median life-time earnings by highest educational attainment. Results of this study follow. Median Life-Time Earnings by Highest Educational Attainment: Less Than High School $973,000 High School Diploma $1,304,000 Some College/No Degree $1,547,000 Associates Degree $1,727,000 Bachelor’s Degree $2,268,000 Masters Degree $2,671,000 […]

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Score Choice on the Common App: New Version!

Change in Question on Test Scores on the Common Application The Common Application, now accepted by 415 schools, provides students with the opportunity to submit one application as opposed to individual applications for each school. This year’s version of the Common Application went live on the web on July 31 and includes a change in […]

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What High School Juniors Should Do to Prepare for College Applications

High School Junior Year College Application To-Do List As the academic year approaches, it’s time for rising juniors to start thinking about their college application to-do list. A list of steps to be taken follows. Throughout your junior year: -Find a test preparation and college advising service such as Top Test Prep to begin early […]

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The Top 10 Graduation Rates for America’s Most Competitive Colleges and Universities

A recent American Enterprise Institute study identified the highest and lowest graduation rates for America’s institutions of higher learning. It’s “most competitive college” category consisted of colleges requiring “high school rank in the top 10-20 percent, grade point averages of a B+ to an A, and median test scores between 655-800 on the SAT and […]

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Why Students Go To College and What Are Their Life Priorities

Reasons why students go to college…and other useful information. What is the impetus behind the decision of American students to go to college and what do they regard as important in life? The most comprehensive national analysis of college freshman conducted in the last academic year by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA provides […]

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How long does it take to complete a bachelor’s degree? Ranking by Timing of Entry, Type of Institution, and Major

A newly released federal report, “2008-09 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study,” confirms the wisdom of going straight into a private four year bachelor’s program immediately after completing high school. The report observes that bachelor’s degree recipients in 2007-08 who began their post-secondary studies at a community college took almost 20 percent longer to complete their […]

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How to Choose a College: Guidelines for students and parents

An article on how to select a college, and factors you should consider… You worked hard during the academic year and you just want to chill out this summer. You can make that trip to the beach, however, and still get the ball rolling on your college search. What criteria should you use for creating […]

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The 20 Best Colleges in America

Here’s some information on Forbes Magazine’s Twenty Best Colleges in America: Comparative assessments of America’s institutions of higher learning have become a hot commodity as embodied by US News and World Report’s widely circulated rankings. Forbes magazine has thrown its hat into the evaluation arena with its own distinctive approach. Its evaluative criteria include listing […]

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Best Values in Public and Private Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges

At a time of rising college costs and skepticism about the merits of a college education, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has tackled the topic of institutions which offer the best educational value to their students. Its rankings measure academic quality and affordability with quality accounting for two-thirds of the total. Kiplinger’s ranking criteria for four […]

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Start your College Applications with these Admissions Tips…

The summer is a good time to acquire work experience, take a course or two, and chill out. You can do this, however, and still get a head start on your college applications. What steps can you take to be ready for fall and the college application season? (1) Narrow Your Colleges of Interest List […]

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