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Private Tutors – what’s the big deal about them?

Here at Top Test Prep, we believe the quality of tutoring we provide our students is incomparable, due largely to the fact that our network of private tutors are highly knowledgeable in the areas they teach. Working with a private tutor is a great way to keep yourself accountable when preparing for standardized tests or […]

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Test Prep? There’s an App for that!

  Like mobile technology, test prep has significantly evolved throughout the past decade. So if the old-fashioned strategy of skimming through a guidebook isn’t for you, you’re in luck. There are countless mobile apps out there that can help you achieve a top score on your next standardized test.  Here are some of Top Test […]

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Who Should I Ask For My College Recommendations?

College recommendations are opportunities for teachers to reinforce why a particular student is the best fit for the college he/she is applying to.  Therefore, students need to make sure to choose these teachers wisely.  One of Top Test Prep‘s elite tutors shares her knowledge on what to take into consideration when choosing who to ask. […]

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AP Classes: the more the merrier?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are notoriously difficult because they are taught at the college level. Unlike other standardized tests that ask straightforward questions, AP exams test your ability to explain, predict, and compare concepts in a specific subject area. Exams are given once a year in May, and are scored on a 5-point scale—a score […]

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College Campus Tours: Are They Useful?

You’ve looked through the brochures.  You’ve seen all the campus pictures. You’ve read the U.S. News college rankings.  So why bother scheduling a campus tour when you’ve read everything about the colleges you’re applying to?  Believe it or not, seeing the college campus for yourself can determine whether or not it’s the right fit for […]

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I finally submitted my college applications! Now what?

    The essays are done. The scores are in. Your college application is signed, sealed, and delivered to the schools of your dreams. And now, the hard part. The wait until Spring for college decisions may seem overwhelming, but there are a few things you should do in the meantime. Maybe they’ll take your […]

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How to Succeed in Your Online Course

Online courses are revolutionizing our education system, but that doesn’t mean they are free of typical pitfalls students face in the classroom. As you prepare to take an online course, whether it’s for fun or for academic reasons, make sure you avoid these common mistakes. Time Management This challenge comes first because it is arguably […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Online Course

Here at Top Test Prep, we want to make sure that we address questions and concerns of students out there, whose busier schedules only allow them to attend online courses.  Therefore, here are some tips on how students can make sure that they get the most out of the online courses they sign up for. […]

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Applying Early Decision: What you need to know

Early decision applications to college should not be taken lightly. This college admissions option is a binding contract that says applicants will attend the school to which they are applying if accepted. The only exception to this rule is the case of financial hardship. As you consider your college admissions strategy, ask yourself these questions regarding […]

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in College Admissions Essays

3 Mistakes to Avoid in College Admissions Essays Over the years, colleges have dramatically changed the formats for their admissions essays. Whether your dream college asks you to write a lot of short ones or a few long ones, make sure you keep these tips in mind so that you avoid some of the most […]

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