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How to Choose a College: Guidelines for students and parents

An article on how to select a college, and factors you should consider… You worked hard during the academic year and you just want to chill out this summer. You can make that trip to the beach, however, and still get the ball rolling on your college search. What criteria should you use for creating […]

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The 20 Best Colleges in America

Here’s some information on Forbes Magazine’s Twenty Best Colleges in America: Comparative assessments of America’s institutions of higher learning have become a hot commodity as embodied by US News and World Report’s widely circulated rankings. Forbes magazine has thrown its hat into the evaluation arena with its own distinctive approach. Its evaluative criteria include listing […]

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Best Values in Public and Private Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges

At a time of rising college costs and skepticism about the merits of a college education, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has tackled the topic of institutions which offer the best educational value to their students. Its rankings measure academic quality and affordability with quality accounting for two-thirds of the total. Kiplinger’s ranking criteria for four […]

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How Parents Can Help Their Kids with College Applications…

Here are some guidelines for parents who want to assist their kids in the college app process: The media have recently highlighted “helicopter parents” who seize control of the college application process from their kids. They fill out their college applications, sit in on college interviews, and attend college events designed only for prospective students. […]

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How Foreign Language Study Can Help Students Get Into College and Launch A Career

How Foreign Language Study Can Help Students Get Into College and Launch A Career About 44 percent of US High School students are taking a language. Spanish with 69 percent of students engaged in language study and French with 18 percent far outpace the less than one percent of students enrolled in languages the government […]

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How many APs should you take in High School, and how do AP courses help with admissions?

The question of how many APs (Advanced Placement courses) one should take in high school is one of the most commonly asked questions from students enrolled in Top Test Prep’s private admissions counseling program. I would say that the number of APs you take in high school should depend on where you’re applying and whether […]

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Can you transfer into top colleges from a lower ranked school?

Things to know about this college transfer admissions strategies… As a long-term university employee and the parent of a college student, I have often seen parents adopt an application strategy of starting students off at a less competitive college on the assumption that they can transfer to a better one. The goals are often to […]

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Where to Search for Information on Colleges: A Guide to Getting Started

If you’re searching for information on colleges, hopefully this article will give you a good start. You’ve given thought to the size, region, cost, acceptance standards, and academic offerings of the college you would like to attend. Where do you go for more information? STEP ONE: Examine US News and World Report’s College Rankings and […]

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How to Start Your College Search: A Summer Strategy

How to Start Your College Search before applying to colleges… It’s hot outside and you’re hanging out with friends, perhaps taking some courses and working before heading back to school in the fall. It is also a great time, however, to invest in your future and start the ball rolling on your college search. Whether […]

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Should You Complete an Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program?

What Are Accelerated/Undergraduate Programs? Student interest in accelerated programs which offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees has increased exponentially in recent years. Spurred on by rising tuitions and pressures to establish academic specialties right off the bat, these programs often reduce the degree completion period by a year. At Drexel University in Philadelphia, a BS […]

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