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Ten Important College Admissions Trends

Here are Ten Important College Admissions Trends, for students applying to colleges: The most recent results from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling’s annual survey of what is transpiring in the world of college admissions follow. 1. College Enrollment Is Up As of 2009, 20.4 million students were enrolled in college, representing 70 percent […]

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Your College Essays

Here’s a better way to write your college admissions essays, so that you avoid the most common mistakes in applying. Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Your College Essays It is college essay time and you want this part of your college application package to complement your academic and non-academic achievements, and not distract from them. […]

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Interesting College Admissions Trends….

As applications continue to climb for the most competitive colleges and acceptances sink to the single and low double digits, it is crucial that students and their families be conscious of trends which will impact upon their prospects. Four college admissions trends follow. 1. Challenging High School Courses Are a Must But in Moderation While […]

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Four College Admissions Myths and Reality

Conventional wisdom from friends and family on the college admissions process is often wrong. Four common college admissions myths and the truth follow. College Admission Myth One: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go to College A common refrain from peers and sometimes parents is that education is basically the same everywhere and you will get […]

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Is it an advantage if you can pay full tuition? If so, how does it affect college admissions?

(Highlights of College Admissions Directors Survey) A new survey of senior admissions officials at 472 nonprofit colleges and universities reveals an emphasis on finding full-paying students in a period of financial uncertainty. Selective results of the survey follow. Survey Results from Admissions Directors: (1) For many colleges, a top goal of admissions directors is recruiting […]

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US News and World Report Rankings vs. NACAC

US News and World Report’s widely disseminated ranking of American colleges came under assault in a recently released report by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC). The report’s critiques of US News and World Report’s ranking formula and the rebuttal follow. 1. Should Standardized Test Scores Be Included in Rankings? The NACAC report […]

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Graduate School Admissions Trends: Masters and PhD Programs

Want to know more about graduate school admissions? A new study released by the Council of Graduate Schools paints a mixed picture of American graduate school education today. Trends identified by the study include the following. 1. Enrollments in Master’s Degree and Graduate Certificate Programs Are Down, but PhD Program Enrollments are Up Enrollments in […]

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The Best Tips for Choosing a College

Families are bombarded these days with fancy brochures, slick web-sites, and savvy college representatives singing the praises of their institutions. How do you separate hype from reality and focus on what is really important in a college education? Seven recommendations for choosing colleges the right way follow. 1. Avoid Official Campus Tours and Class-room Visits, […]

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America’s Best Public Universities Increasing Admissions of Out-of-State Students

Background to the Trend and How Families Can Take Advantage of It… Students and families seeking an edge in the increasing competitive world of college admissions should take note of an emerging trend which has received little publicity. In response to diminishing support from financially strapped state legislatures, many of America’s top public universities have […]

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Colleges With the Best Teaching: Ranking of the top classrooms

A Ranking of Best Classroom Experience across All Colleges: Based on student assessment of professor’s teaching abilities and recognition in their fields, the integration of new practices in the curricula, and the intellectual level of their classes. 1. US Military Academy, West Point, NY 2. Stanford University, Stanford, CA 3. Franklin W. Olin College of […]

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