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The Best Liberal Arts Colleges: Analysis of Costs, Admissions and Tuition

This article discusses the best liberal arts colleges and topics like costs, admissions, and other topics like tuition. The Challenge: This is seemingly the best of times for the most competitive small liberal arts colleges such as Williams, Middlebury, Bowdoin, and Smith as applications soar and acceptance rates descend to the low double digits. Endowments […]

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What are the most popular college majors? and what do college grads earn for salaries?

A just released study by the Center for Education Statistics provides a profile of American college students. Selective results of the study entitled, “2008-09 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study” follow. Majors Twenty-three percent of 2007-08 first time bachelor’s degree recipients majored in a business-related field; 16 percent in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics; 16 percent […]

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How prevalent is grade inflation at four-year colleges?

Have you ever wondered how college grades today compare with grading in the past? How much grade inflation is there, and how common is it for professors to mark student’s scores arbitrarily higher? According to a new study published in Teachers College Record by researchers from Duke University and Furman University contemporary students have been […]

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Top 10 National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges by Their Contribution to the Social Good

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of university and college evaluation systems using criteria which differ from the highly visible and academically geared US News and World Report ratings. Washington Monthly magazine has come out with an interesting ranking system focused on which colleges do the most for the public good. The three broad criteria […]

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Best Values in Public and Private Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges

At a time of rising college costs and skepticism about the merits of a college education, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has tackled the topic of institutions which offer the best educational value to their students. Its rankings measure academic quality and affordability with quality accounting for two-thirds of the total. Kiplinger’s ranking criteria for four […]

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Early Decision and Early Admissions Acceptance Rates

  Does applying through early admission programs help students? According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, about 18 percent of institutions offer early decision, and about 24 percent offer early action. Early decision is a binding decision, which means that if a student applies and is accepted with an adequate financial aid package, […]

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What Do Low College Acceptance Rates Show?

On Monday, we looked at a list of the top twenty schools with historically low acceptance rates. Remember what we saw? Two things were the conspicuous absence of public universities and the absence of many top private institutions like Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, and Tufts. Keeping an open mind is important in the college application […]

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Colleges With The Lowest Acceptance Rates

Year after year, lists ranking schools come out and everyone dithers to pick apart the ranking criteria. That said, knowing the process of how different lists rank schools is important – you might agree or disagree with the ranking methods and find your own way to prioritize schools. But one list that is historically sound […]

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Early Admission Returns to Princeton and Harvard

Last week Princeton and Harvard each announced the return of their early admissions programs. Early admission has not been an option at either school since 2006, when the institutions decided to cancel their programs at the same time. Princeton and Harvard stopped offering early admission with the hope that it would allow students from diverse socioeconomic […]

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Colleges See Record Numbers of Applicants

Dartmouth, Harvard, Connecticut, Colby, Michigan, Macalaster, and Berkeley — the trend of rising application numbers for the class of 2015 has spread across the country and is setting record numbers at many schools. Applicants this year were seemingly undeterred by the slow economy and the rising cost of college. Ivies and traditionally selective schools saw significant […]

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