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Submitting Your College Applications

Top 10 Things to Check Before Submitting Your College Applications Written by Admissions Expert, Ross Blankenship Founder of Top Test Prep When applying to college, your admissions application is the gateway to your acceptance. Your grades and academic history obviously factor into the equation, but since the application itself is what the admissions officers see […]

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Writing the Best Scholarship Essay

Here’s some good advice on how to write the best scholarship essay… We’ve told you to take your scholarship essays seriously. So where and how do you begin? Here are some helpful questions to get you started: What attributes do you wish to convey? – In order to answer this question, you should at the […]

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Tips on Editing Your College Admissions Essay

There are two ways to approach writing a college admissions essay: finding a unique subject, or finding a unique angle on a familiar subject. In addition to displaying your writing abilities, a college admissions essay helps round out your character to an admissions committee. It reveals – or is intended to reveal – who you […]

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Choosing a Topic for a College Admissions Essay

Choosing a topic for college admissions essays… The Problem with Being Un-Special When I was faced with describing my greatest accomplishment in a college admissions essay, I was at a total loss. In inviting such a description, the committee had managed to pinpoint my greatest shortcoming. I was exposed as the bland, provincial, un-special person […]

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How to Write an Admissions Essay that Works

In a recent article on the way standardized tests are graded, NY Times writer Todd Farley reveals that the people grading students’ essays don’t boast the credentials we might expect. The scores they assign are often influenced by emotions and circumstances. No matter who ends up grading your admissions essay, there are certain qualities of […]

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Writing the Best Admissions Essay

Here are some tips on how to write the best admissions essays and personal statements: Develop a theme: instead of listing every extracurricular activity you’ve done or all the things you have done throughout high school, write one consistent theme that embodies who you are as a student. Example: if you are an athlete but […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Admissions Essays

DO’S AND DON’TS ON WRITING ADMISSIONS ESSAYS The admission essay is an important part of any college application. Some schools do give more weight to the essay than others, but all admissions officers do base their decision off of the essay to some degree. Even if you have a high GPA, the essay provides an […]

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