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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report Rankings, Part II

Have you seen any questionable practices put in place just so a college can increase its ranking? There was an event in the summer that came to light, even though I think it was debunked: that the president of Clemson  – they were not voting honestly on the peer assessment survey … but we have […]

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When Schools Typical Inform Early Decision Applicants

  Below you will see when some colleges traditionally release their early decision application results and decisions. Boston University – December 15th; Bowdoin College – Mid-December; Brown University – December 14th, 5pm EST online; Caltech – Emailed on 12th of December by noon PST Carnegie Mellon – Mailed as early as December 12th Columbia ED […]

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Getting Scholarship Money to Fund Your Education: Where to Begin

Some tips on getting scholarship money to fund your education… 1. Start researching now. Don’t assume you’re ineligible for a scholarship without thoroughly researching what’s out there. Use the internet, see where your friends are applying, buy a scholarship guide at a bookstore, and ask your college counselor for suggestions. There are scholarships for everything, […]

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Tips on Applying Early Decision

Applying early to a college isn’t a simple decision. Whether your first-choice school offers early action or early decision, you may not want to hear the verdict on your application as early as December. Being denied admission to any school that early in your senior year can be demoralizing. It’s true that applying early can […]

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Tips on Editing Your College Admissions Essay

There are two ways to approach writing a college admissions essay: finding a unique subject, or finding a unique angle on a familiar subject. In addition to displaying your writing abilities, a college admissions essay helps round out your character to an admissions committee. It reveals – or is intended to reveal – who you […]

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Choosing A College Based on Feel

On what basis do most people choose a college? I have heard more than a few students admit to being strongly influenced by the person who gave them a tour of the campus. I can still remember what the cute tour guide at Columbia was wearing the day I visited, and that he was a […]

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Choosing a Topic for a College Admissions Essay

Choosing a topic for college admissions essays… The Problem with Being Un-Special When I was faced with describing my greatest accomplishment in a college admissions essay, I was at a total loss. In inviting such a description, the committee had managed to pinpoint my greatest shortcoming. I was exposed as the bland, provincial, un-special person […]

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How to Write an Admissions Essay that Works

In a recent article on the way standardized tests are graded, NY Times writer Todd Farley reveals that the people grading students’ essays don’t boast the credentials we might expect. The scores they assign are often influenced by emotions and circumstances. No matter who ends up grading your admissions essay, there are certain qualities of […]

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5 Reasons to Get Help With Your Admissions Applications

I’ve decided to help parents see why hiring an independent college counselor – one not affiliated with a specific school- can and will help you: (1) 98% of American high schools lack the resources necessary to dedicate to individual students who are applying to schools. (2) Your acceptance rate WILL go up when you do; […]

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Admissions Essays about a Presidential Election

I’ve had a few people ask me whether they should write about the Presidential election and how it is has shaped their lives. The answer is: if you can do it effectively without it being too cliche’, then yes – it can be an acceptable topic. All too often, however, students let the election season […]

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