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Should you get a US Degree or study abroad? Things to consider…

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of full US degree programs abroad conducted in English. According to the British-based Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, there are close to eighty US degree programs overseas where English is the language of instruction.  Over three quarters of them have opened since 1999.  Florida State University in Panama City […]

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When to Apply Early Decision vs. Early Action to Colleges

In this article, we discuss when it’s better to apply early decision vs. early action to colleges, and some things for you to consider when applying… What is Early Decision? Recent buzz about the advantages of applying early decision as opposed to regular decision has created confusion among students and their families. They are interested […]

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How Early Should You Prepare for the SAT?

Language flashcards for two-year-olds may seem crazy, but test-taking is an essential skill for a student´s entire academic life. Learning how to take standardized tests will help students at every grade level, but the SAT is the pinnacle and highest stakes test for most students. So how early should students prepare for the SAT? Last […]

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How to Compare Research Universities and Small Liberal Arts Colleges

How to Compare Research Universities vs. Small Liberal Arts Colleges:  A guide for applicants    You’re a student or a parent weighing the merits of applying to small liberal arts colleges or larger research universities. A campus visit is crucial as you narrow down your application list. If watching Division I football or finding a […]

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The US News and World Report, Teaching Quality in Rankings: What it Means for Parents

The following article provides information on the US News and World Report Rankings, more specifically "teaching quality"…. The criteria used in college application decisions vary. Status, size, location, fields of study, cost, and social life are considered. Too often, the most important college mission, teaching, is overlooked or misunderstood. Strong teaching is a pre-condition for […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in High School

Thinking about studying abroad in high school? Want to learn in a new place with a different culture? Or are you interested in English literature or drama and can see yourself in London for a semester? Whatever your reasons, studying abroad can help you immensely. Studying abroad is a huge step – but the benefits […]

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How to Find an Editor for Your College Essay

Editors are crucial in the college application process – particularly for essays. A nightmare scenario is turning everything in, proudly looking over your work – and finding a glaring error or realizing that you had not discussed a certain illuminating point in an essay. Regret in that form is avoidable and easily prevented. Even if you […]

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Early Decision and Early Admissions Acceptance Rates

  Does applying through early admission programs help students? According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, about 18 percent of institutions offer early decision, and about 24 percent offer early action. Early decision is a binding decision, which means that if a student applies and is accepted with an adequate financial aid package, […]

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Does Volunteering Help with College Admissions?

Does Volunteering Help with College Admissions? You’re taking challenging classes, studying for the SAT, and your lacrosse season is going well. You’re looking at different colleges and beginning to collect a list of admission requirements. You are in Model U.N. and keep busy with a few extracurricular projects throughout the year – but something seems […]

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The New AP Exams and College Admissions

I just read an article titled “Rethinking Advanced Placement” in the New York Times by Christopher Drew.  As I read the article, I immediately thought of two significant ideas that will spring forth from the new AP Exams  – unmentioned as they were. First, the new AP Exams will have a significant impact on college […]

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