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ACT vs SAT: which should you take?

Students often wonder which test is better suited for them when applying to college – the ACT or the SAT? What are the differences, if any, between these two tests?  Do they need to take these two tests?  These are all important questions since students’ SAT and ACT scores play a prominent part in their […]

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Rankings and SAT Scores in Fairfax, Montgomery, Arlington and Washington DC

A recent article posted by College Board and Washington Post, clearly outlined research on the average combined SAT scores of students in Fairfax, Montgomery, Arlington, and Washington DC . Here are detailed scores for the SAT in the DC region and rankings of the best: (1) Fairfax County – Average SAT score: 1659 (2) Montgomery […]

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Take more challenging courses in high school

The College Board, which administers the SAT and Advanced Placement(AP) exams, posed questions to 1,507 students who finished high school in 2010 to see how they were doing a year later. Almost half of the students stated that they wish they had taken more difficult writing, math, and science courses. An overwhelming majority of students […]

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Women vs. Men: How do we view our college experiences?

A just released Pew Research Center Survey highlights a growing gender gap on how female and male college graduates view their college experience. Selective survey results follow. Is A College Education Money Well Spent? 50% of women say yes versus 37% of men Did College Help You Mature and Grow As a Person? 74% of […]

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Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs

Here are the Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs (Tuition + Room + Board = Total Cost) The US Department of Education has released its list of institutions of higher learning with the highest and lowest costs. The figures were compiled for the 2009-2010 academic year and include tuition, room, and board. State […]

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How to Start Your College Search: A Summer Strategy

How to Start Your College Search before applying to colleges… It’s hot outside and you’re hanging out with friends, perhaps taking some courses and working before heading back to school in the fall. It is also a great time, however, to invest in your future and start the ball rolling on your college search. Whether […]

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The New AP Exams and College Admissions

I just read an article titled “Rethinking Advanced Placement” in the New York Times by Christopher Drew.  As I read the article, I immediately thought of two significant ideas that will spring forth from the new AP Exams  – unmentioned as they were. First, the new AP Exams will have a significant impact on college […]

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The SAT vs. ACT Exam and Helpful Test Dates

Here’s a helpful information for students taking the SAT exam, ACT exam or if you’re trying to determine the difference between the two tests (SAT vs. ACT). You can print this poster.

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How to Prepare for the SAT

In the next few posts, I’m going to cover some basic information on how students can best prepare for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, SSAT and several more. The College Board’s SAT test is released and administered roughly six times per year, and students often use a combination of test prep books, tutoring, and self-study […]

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Should I re-take the SAT or ACT?

We’ve had many questions about whether students should re-take the SAT or ACT after receiving their scores back. Perhaps they were a bit disappointed with their SAT or ACT exam results. There are a few things to consider: (1) Where does your SAT or ACT score fit within the range of schools you’re applying? -For […]

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