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SAT Word of the Day – “Abdicate”

Here’s Top Test Prep’s SAT Vocabulary, Word of the Day – Abdicate (verb)- cast off or relinquish Find out more about Top Test Prep’s SAT Tutoring or ACT Tutoring, by calling (800) 501-Prep.

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report College Rankings, Part I

Meet the man behind the single most influential list in college admissions. Bob Morse is the Director of Data Research at U.S. News & World Report, the head of its revered college ranking system. As the force behind a series of annual publications that have achieved unanticipated fame within higher education, Bob Morse has helped […]

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When Schools Typical Inform Early Decision Applicants

  Below you will see when some colleges traditionally release their early decision application results and decisions. Boston University – December 15th; Bowdoin College – Mid-December; Brown University – December 14th, 5pm EST online; Caltech – Emailed on 12th of December by noon PST Carnegie Mellon – Mailed as early as December 12th Columbia ED […]

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Tips on Applying Early Decision

Applying early to a college isn’t a simple decision. Whether your first-choice school offers early action or early decision, you may not want to hear the verdict on your application as early as December. Being denied admission to any school that early in your senior year can be demoralizing. It’s true that applying early can […]

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Tips on Editing Your College Admissions Essay

There are two ways to approach writing a college admissions essay: finding a unique subject, or finding a unique angle on a familiar subject. In addition to displaying your writing abilities, a college admissions essay helps round out your character to an admissions committee. It reveals – or is intended to reveal – who you […]

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Tips on Getting the Best Recommendations for College Applications

1. Ask your teachers early. In the fall of your senior year, your teachers will be flooded with rec requests from your classmates. Get ahead of the rush by asking your teachers in the spring of your junior year. They’ll appreciate having the entire summer to write you a recommendation.   2. Decide which of […]

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Choosing A College Based on Feel

On what basis do most people choose a college? I have heard more than a few students admit to being strongly influenced by the person who gave them a tour of the campus. I can still remember what the cute tour guide at Columbia was wearing the day I visited, and that he was a […]

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New Admissions and Tutoring Website Launched

Proud to announce our newest, most updated version of Top Test Prep’s website. Check it out: Private Tutors Hope you all enjoy and get in touch if you need private tutoring and admissions consulting. (800) 501-7737

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The Parent Guide to College Admissions

Part 2 of our series continues with answers about college admissions, private tutoring and test prep. How can my kid get into an Ivy League School? The formula for getting into the Ivy League is a mixture of exceptional high school grades, high test scores and a background that says you’re interesting and will contribute […]

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Top Test Prep, Private Tutoring Featured in Killer Startups!

We just found out today that we’re featured in Killer Startups! Vote today for Top Test Prep. Some clips of the article on our private tutoring and college admissions consulting: “This company connects students and parents with qualified tutors across the country for exams ranging far and wide: PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, TOEFL […]

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