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Best Universities in the World, Official Ranking

Here’s some information on the best Universities in the world… In a globalized world where job opportunities cross borders, proactive American student and their families should be aware of foreign educational options and how American universities measure up internationally. The United Kingdom’s Times Higher Education service has come up with global university rankings which serve […]

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Top 10 National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges by Their Contribution to the Social Good

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of university and college evaluation systems using criteria which differ from the highly visible and academically geared US News and World Report ratings. Washington Monthly magazine has come out with an interesting ranking system focused on which colleges do the most for the public good. The three broad criteria […]

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Top Ten Colleges for Smartest Professors, Most Flexible Curriculums, and Best Course Variety

The online service College Prowler conducts student surveys on a wide variety of topics including college and university facilities, atmosphere, overall experience, and perceptions of campus men and women. Its most recent survey results for student views of academics on their campuses are listed below. It uses a seven point scale with a seven being […]

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Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs

Here are the Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs (Tuition + Room + Board = Total Cost) The US Department of Education has released its list of institutions of higher learning with the highest and lowest costs. The figures were compiled for the 2009-2010 academic year and include tuition, room, and board. State […]

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How Much Can You Earn With Your College Major? A List of the Highest Paying College Majors

Here’s an article on highest starting salaries for different college majors: With a backdrop of economic uncertainties and rising college costs, concerns have recently been raised about the value of a college education. A recently released study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce addresses this issue head on. The study entitled, “What’s […]

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The US News and World Report, Teaching Quality in Rankings: What it Means for Parents

The following article provides information on the US News and World Report Rankings, more specifically "teaching quality"…. The criteria used in college application decisions vary. Status, size, location, fields of study, cost, and social life are considered. Too often, the most important college mission, teaching, is overlooked or misunderstood. Strong teaching is a pre-condition for […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News College Rankings Report, Part III

How much would you estimate schools spend to lobby or market to improve their rankings? The ranking system is sort of lobby-proof. Talking to US News isn’t going to improve your ranking because they are based on quantitative numbers, a formula, but certainly schools send out brochures, try to raise their profile among other presidents […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report Rankings, Part II

Have you seen any questionable practices put in place just so a college can increase its ranking? There was an event in the summer that came to light, even though I think it was debunked: that the president of Clemson  – they were not voting honestly on the peer assessment survey … but we have […]

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Interview with Bob Morse of U.S. News & World Report College Rankings, Part I

Meet the man behind the single most influential list in college admissions. Bob Morse is the Director of Data Research at U.S. News & World Report, the head of its revered college ranking system. As the force behind a series of annual publications that have achieved unanticipated fame within higher education, Bob Morse has helped […]

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College Admissions Rankings – US News & World Report

Ross Blankenship (Education, Admissions Expert) Addresses the US News and World Report Rankings. The current college ranking systems provide an easy way for prospective students to see how one institution ranks against another. This can make for a simple way to see which colleges will provide the best education. At least that is what the […]

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