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Who Should I Ask For My College Recommendations?

College recommendations are opportunities for teachers to reinforce why a particular student is the best fit for the college he/she is applying to.  Therefore, students need to make sure to choose these teachers wisely.  One of Top Test Prep‘s elite tutors shares her knowledge on what to take into consideration when choosing who to ask. […]

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I finally submitted my college applications! Now what?

    The essays are done. The scores are in. Your college application is signed, sealed, and delivered to the schools of your dreams. And now, the hard part. The wait until Spring for college decisions may seem overwhelming, but there are a few things you should do in the meantime. Maybe they’ll take your […]

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Applying Early Decision: What you need to know

Early decision applications to college should not be taken lightly. This college admissions option is a binding contract that says applicants will attend the school to which they are applying if accepted. The only exception to this rule is the case of financial hardship. As you consider your college admissions strategy, ask yourself these questions regarding […]

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Early Decision vs. Early Action: Do they help?

Early Decision vs. Early Action: What do they both mean for college admissions, and do they help? Today, most colleges and universities have some sort of option for applying before the regular decision cycle. This could mean enjoying winter break with the peace of mind that you’ve already been accepted somewhere, but if you’re relying […]

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Did you gain admission through early decision?

Many students applied this fall, through early decision programs at their top choice colleges and universities. Now, we’re currently conducting a survey of our admissions and test prep blog readers to hear whether you gain admission early decision. If you do, simply tweet us @toptestprep and let us know your decision when it comes. If […]

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Early Decision and Early Action Applications at Elite American Universities

Here are some numbers for the 2012 – 2013 early decision/early action admissions cycle: As the deadlines approach for early decision and early action applicants at America’s most competitive universities, a few institutions have released application figures. They indicate significant increases in applications over previous years. Early decision university applicants are contractually required to attend […]

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The Pros and Cons of Applying Early Decision vs. Early Action

In recent years, many colleges including the most competitive have been filling 30 to 70 percent of their freshman class through early decision or early action. Consequently, students who wait to apply during regular decision are competing with far more students for a smaller number of seats. Last year, the University of Pennsylvania filled about […]

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Early Admission Returns to Princeton and Harvard

Last week Princeton and Harvard each announced the return of their early admissions programs. Early admission has not been an option at either school since 2006, when the institutions decided to cancel their programs at the same time. Princeton and Harvard stopped offering early admission with the hope that it would allow students from diverse socioeconomic […]

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Ivy League Early Decision/Early Action

Early Decision and Early Action | College Admissions Information on Ivy League Schools: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Penn and Yale Brown University Regular Application Deadline, January 1 Regular Admission Decisions sent in April Yes, Early Decision Accepted (send application by November 1) Average Acceptance Rate, 15% Early Decision Acceptance Rate, 22% Columbia University […]

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When Schools Typical Inform Early Decision Applicants

  Below you will see when some colleges traditionally release their early decision application results and decisions. Boston University – December 15th; Bowdoin College – Mid-December; Brown University – December 14th, 5pm EST online; Caltech – Emailed on 12th of December by noon PST Carnegie Mellon – Mailed as early as December 12th Columbia ED […]

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