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What’s a “Safe” Major?

What’s a “safe” major? These days, it is becoming more difficult to find a job after graduating from college. So much competition, such few spots! With unemployment rates remaining high, students are preparing earlier than ever to avoid this plight. The days of any guaranteed employment are over. More students are now choosing majors that […]

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Leaving a Good Impression with a College Representative

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, about 50% of colleges claim that a student’s demonstrated, sincere interest in the school can be highly important in the admissions process.  There are a number of ways to demonstrate that your interest is more than just superficial. ·      Arrive early. On the day of the […]

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AP Classes: the more the merrier?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are notoriously difficult because they are taught at the college level. Unlike other standardized tests that ask straightforward questions, AP exams test your ability to explain, predict, and compare concepts in a specific subject area. Exams are given once a year in May, and are scored on a 5-point scale—a score […]

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SAT Writing: the hardest section on the SAT?

Most students often don’t know what type of questions are on the Writing section of the SAT, and thus, they don’t adequately prepare for the questions that are included in this section.  In this video, one of Top Test Prep‘s top 1% SAT tutors shares her knowledge on how students can best prepare for the […]

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How to Improve Your Scores over Holiday Break!

It seems like just yesterday that the fall semester started back up, you greeted friends you hadn’t seen over the summer, and classes began.  Before you knew it, the semester was half over–now we’re on to Thanksgiving, and winter break is right around the corner.  You are probably looking forward to a change from the […]

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Test Prep Experts: Keeping Students Motivated

There are two kinds of motivation: long term and short term. The learning team (student, tutor, educational institution, and parent) is responsible for maintaining motivation throughout the process, but the tutor-student relationship is critical in each and every level of motivating the learning process. On a day-to-day level, motivation is necessary to keep focus and […]

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How much should you be willing to go into student debt?

A discussion about student debt and how majors can affect how much you’ll owe… (or won’t owe) after you graduate school. Ideally, a student would pay the expense of college tuition and living expenses with accumulated savings, scholarships, grants and/or earned income; however, these means are not always enough to last the duration of a […]

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Summer Pre-College Programs Can Enhance Your College Applications

As old man winter approaches in many parts of the country, it isn’t too early to start thinking about summer pre-college programs (also known as summer enrichment programs) for junior and rising senior high school students. Many programs are booked by February or March so if you wish to find a good program for summer […]

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Tips on How Middle School Students Can Prepare for High School and College

Your middle school grades and activities won’t appear on your college application, but you can use seventh and eighth grades to set yourself up to have the strongest record possible in high school. This will, in turn, increase your prospects of getting into an academically strong college. Additionally, if you’re applying to private high schools, […]

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Are Liberal Arts Grads happier than Private and Public University graduates?

A survey conducted by the Annapolis Group of alumni from 130 liberal arts schools, the top 50 public universities and private universities reveals disparities in their assessments of the quality of their undergraduate educational experiences. According to the study, 77 percent of alumni from liberal arts colleges rated their undergraduate experiences excellent, compared to 59 […]

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