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The Right and Wrong Reasons for Selecting a College

[This article helps students understand the right and wrong reasons for selecting a college.] As a college faculty member and administrator for more than a generation and the father of a college student, I have seen too many families choose colleges for the wrong reasons. Here are a few common mistakes students make in choosing […]

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Interesting Facts about American Colleges Today

America’s higher education system is an intriguing one as illustrated by the following revelations from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual almanac; here are some interesting facts about American colleges today: 1. Less than one-third of Americans hold at least a bachelor’s degree, but at least 30 percent of adults in 16 states-mostly on the […]

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Take more challenging courses in high school

The College Board, which administers the SAT and Advanced Placement(AP) exams, posed questions to 1,507 students who finished high school in 2010 to see how they were doing a year later. Almost half of the students stated that they wish they had taken more difficult writing, math, and science courses. An overwhelming majority of students […]

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How Much Can You Earn Over A Lifetime With Your Degree?

A recently released study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and The Work-Force traces median life-time earnings by highest educational attainment. Results of this study follow. Median Life-Time Earnings by Highest Educational Attainment: Less Than High School $973,000 High School Diploma $1,304,000 Some College/No Degree $1,547,000 Associates Degree $1,727,000 Bachelor’s Degree $2,268,000 Masters Degree $2,671,000 […]

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Best Universities in the World, Official Ranking

Here’s some information on the best Universities in the world… In a globalized world where job opportunities cross borders, proactive American student and their families should be aware of foreign educational options and how American universities measure up internationally. The United Kingdom’s Times Higher Education service has come up with global university rankings which serve […]

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7 Fastest Growing Jobs with High Pay and Salaries

Rapidly Expanding Careers of the Future Requiring Higher Education While the American economy has recently eliminated million of jobs for the non-college educated in construction and manufacturing, jobs continue to be created for the college educated. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than a million new jobs will be created by 2018, […]

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Should American College Students Study Abroad in England/UK? What are the benefits?

If you’re considering studying abroad, read this: Competition for a small number of slots at elite American universities has escalated in recent years with acceptance rates at the most sought after institutions now in the single digits. With large applicant pools of gifted students, the application process increasingly resembles the lottery. As America’s forefathers looked […]

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The Argument for Attending College and the Myths of Non-College Paths

Spurred on by escalating college costs, concerns about the amount of learning on campuses, and that age old affliction known as anti-intellectualism, recent months have witnessed the emergence of vocal critics of mass college education. Peter Thiel and James Altucher in New York Magazine called upon Americans to avoid college and head into the work […]

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Students and Internet Addiction: Is It A Problem?

Computers, technology, and the internet have become part of a competitive education. A great deal of college work is now done online – from passing in papers, to class discussion threads, and social networking. These innovations have created new ways to learn and interact with other students and teachers. New spaces online can be important […]

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New Writer At Top Test Prep!

Top Test Prep is excited to welcome a new writer on board for our Test Prep and Admissions, “The Insider’s Guide to Admissions”… __________ Jon B. attended the Derryfield School. Among his activities, he taught at an after-school program, Summerbridge, and playing on the Varsity Lacrosse term. In college he went on to pursue history, […]

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