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3 Tips for Your Secondary Medical School Applications

With medical school application season in full swing, anxiety levels are noticeably high–I can personally attest to the stress of waking up for two months with the “Did I get an interview e-mail?!” alarm going off in my head. As you start putting together your secondary applications, there are some core principles you should follow. Now, I’m […]

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Should you get a US Degree or study abroad? Things to consider…

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of full US degree programs abroad conducted in English. According to the British-based Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, there are close to eighty US degree programs overseas where English is the language of instruction.  Over three quarters of them have opened since 1999.  Florida State University in Panama City […]

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How to Prep for the MCAT

There’s a unique approach for those studying and preparing for the MCAT exam.  At Top Test Prep, we use a revolutionary MCAT prep technique that allows you to prepare for each MCAT section:  Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences. The MCAT prep studying method is called Top Test Prep’s MED-PREP This is a step-by-step […]

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How to Master the MCAT Exam

In this video, we discuss the MCAT exam, and ways you can master the MCAT and improve your MCAT scores. Top Test Prep’s team is here to help you with your MCAT preparation – call (800) 501-Prep  or visit TopTestPrep.com today to find out more about our MCAT preparation and tutoring programs.

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How to Get into Medical School

Here’s some helpful information on medical school admissions, and how to get into medical school. Top Test Prep’s medical school admissions expert, Dr. Mark D’Agostino, explains methods and ways you can improve your chances of getting into medical school. Top Test Prep’s team helps students with their MCAT prep and med school admissions. Call (800) […]

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