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How To Write the Perfect Personal Statement

The number of students applying to college is at an all time high, so submitting a great personal statement is a good way to separate you from the pack. Personal statements can be the deciding factor into whether or not a college decides to accept you. The essay is your chance to show off your […]

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Will my application look bad to Medical Schools if I retake the MCAT?

We’ve all had a bad test day at some point in our lives.   So don’t fret if  something about that one day when you took your MCAT exam didn’t quite go your way.  The great thing with the MCAT is that you can retake it!  Now, the question you might be asking if you’re […]

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What to do if You are Waitlisted at a Medical School?

Being waitlisted at the medical school of your choice can be an incredibly frustrating experience. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your chances of acceptance! The most important thing for you to do is to keep the admissions committee of the school at which you are waitlisted aware […]

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Should You Ever Retake the MCAT?

Being competitive on the MCAT is important. To be accepted into a medical school, it is essential that you show admissions committees that you are able to understand and apply complex concepts while under pressure. People say that medical schools frown upon students who retake the MCAT. However, this is not always true. Whether or […]

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How To Request Letters of Recommendation

The first thing to remember when requesting letters of recommendation is: DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! Ideally, you are friendly with the people you are asking, so the tone of asking should not be too stressed. When asking, you should be confident, relaxed and clear about what you are requesting the person to do. “Hi […]

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Tips for the Medical School Interview

You made it! You are at a prospective medical school interview! You want to make sure that you are prepared before you get to this point, so here are some med school interview tips: Know your history! Make sure that you know all parts of your application. Be prepared to speak about any of the […]

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MD or MD-PhD: Which Program Is Right For Me?

You are about to apply to graduate school, pursuing a medical carer. You have to ask yourself an important question about your future: do you want to go into research or do you want to be a practicing physician? That should be the deciding question that answers which program is right for you. The M.D.-Ph.D. […]

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What Internships and Activities Should I Include on my Medical School Application?

On the AMCAS application, there is a med school activities section where you can list up to 15 important things you have been a part of. For each of the submissions, you have 700 characters to describe what you did and what it meant to you as a prospective medical school student. You can choose […]

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How To Prepare for the Chemistry Section of the MCAT

The first part in any test preparation is to know the subject that you are about to study. The information concerning the physical sciences section topics covered in the MCAT can be found here: https://www.aamc.org/students/download/85562/data/ps_topics.pdf About half of the physical sciences section is devoted to general chemistry, so it is very important to be comfortable […]

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How to Set Yourself Apart in Medical School Admissions

How do you set yourself apart from other medical school applications? The most obvious way you can start to make a good impression on the admissions committee is to have a good GPA and MCAT scores. But there are other things you can highlight to make yourself a more attractive prospective student. Medical schools really […]

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