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Secrets for Your Med School Interview

Learn about the five most common questions in medical school interviews!

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When should you start preparing for the MCAT?

Preparing for the MCAT may seem like a daunting task. However, if you plan your preparation ahead of time, you will start to feel more prepared as test day approaches. Watch the video below to learn from Top Test Prep’s MCAT tutors on how to pace yourself with your preparation for the MCAT!

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Why are MCAT Practice Exams Important for your MCAT Prep?

It may be exhausting to take MCAT practice exams while preparing for the MCAT, but students actually have an advantage of doing better on the MCAT when they take these practice exams. Watch the video below as one of Top Test Prep’s top 1% MCAT tutors explains how taking practice MCAT exams can actually help […]

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Staying Calm when Preparing for the MCAT

The MCAT is an undeniably important exam for students who are aiming to be a physician. Therefore, preparing for the MCAT may cause a lot of stress and students easily burn themselves out. Watch this video to learn more about how one of Top Test Prep’s top 1% tutors coped with the stress level while […]

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How Long are MCAT scores Valid?

If you’ve taken your MCAT, you might be wondering how long your scores will be valid for? Watch the video below for more information from one of Top Test Prep‘s top 1% MCAT tutors!

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Medical School Admissions

Watch this video to learn more from one of Top Test Prep’s MCAT tutors on how to best approach the medical school applications!

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Breaking News: the MCAT is changing in 2015!

Learn more about the upcoming changes on the MCAT in 2015!

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How To Write the Perfect Personal Statement

The number of students applying to college is at an all time high, so submitting a great personal statement is a good way to separate you from the pack. Personal statements can be the deciding factor into whether or not a college decides to accept you. The essay is your chance to show off your […]

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Will my application look bad to Medical Schools if I retake the MCAT?

We’ve all had a bad test day at some point in our lives.   So don’t fret if  something about that one day when you took your MCAT exam didn’t quite go your way.  The great thing with the MCAT is that you can retake it!  Now, the question you might be asking if you’re […]

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What to do if You are Waitlisted at a Medical School?

Being waitlisted at the medical school of your choice can be an incredibly frustrating experience. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your chances of acceptance! The most important thing for you to do is to keep the admissions committee of the school at which you are waitlisted aware […]

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