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Guessing on the SSAT

One of the biggest dilemmas about the SSAT is whether it hurts or helps you to guess on those questions you cannot solve. First, we should discuss how the SSAT is scored. Each correct answer is worth one point. There is a guessing penalty on the SSAT, which penalizes you ¼ of a point for […]

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ISEE Prep Tips

The ISEE can seem daunting, but there are many reliable and proven resources available to students and parents to increase ISEE scores. While a student’s score on this test will not necessarily make or break his or her application to private secondary school, it is an important part of the application package. Fortunately, there are […]

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Private School Admissions Essays

Private school admissions essays can seem daunting, but avoiding these most common pitfalls will get you through the process with ease. The most common mistake is when students attempt to tailor their application to show that they are the type of student the admissions committee seeks. What they often fail to realize is that admissions […]

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SSAT Verbal Practice

Looking for SSAT Verbal practice?  Preparing for the SSAT can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking SSAT verbal practice tests will familiarize you with the simple tricks to break down the verbal questions. In addition, spacing out your test preparation sessions will maximize understanding of the material, and incorporating tried and true […]

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How to Improve Your Scores over Holiday Break!

It seems like just yesterday that the fall semester started back up, you greeted friends you hadn’t seen over the summer, and classes began.  Before you knew it, the semester was half over–now we’re on to Thanksgiving, and winter break is right around the corner.  You are probably looking forward to a change from the […]

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The Ranking of America’s Best Boarding Schools: Annual Report

The Ranking of America’s Best Boarding Schools: (1) Phillips Exeter Academy (2) Phillips Andover Academy (3) Milton Academy (4) Choate Rosemary Hall (5) Hotchkiss School (6) St. Paul’s School (7) Loomis Chaffee (8) Groton School (9) Noble and Greenough School (10) Lawrenceville School (11) Deerfield Academy (12) Middlesex School (13) The Hill School (14) Northfield […]

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Top Test Prep’s Location

We’re excited to announce our newest location, offering private tutoring and test prep courses in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area. The Top Test Prep office is located next door to Sidwell Friends School – a wonderful private school in Washington DC. Here’s our location: Top Test Prep 3615 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington D.C. 20016 […]

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How to Select the Best Private School

With a faltering public education system, plagued by lowered budgets and a host of other issues, many parents are turning to prep schools and private schools to get their children a solid education that prepares them for college and beyond. A prep school is usually a private school and many times they are boarding schools […]

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Top Boarding Schools

Our Annual Ranking of Boarding Schools is listed below. Our boarding school rankings are based on a simple formula, described after the list. (1) Phillips Exeter Academy (2) Phillips Andover Academy (3) St. Paul’s School (4) Lawrenceville School (5) Choate Rosemary Hall (6) The Hotchkiss School (7) Middlesex School (8) Deerfield Academy (9) Northfield Mt. […]

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