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SAT & ACT Test Dates

Here are SAT exam and ACT exam test dates… Our recommendation is to take the SAT and ACT exams sooner than later. We’ve posted the SAT exam schedule and the ACT exam schedule and test dates below. Mark your calendars for these exams, and let us know if you need private tutoring for the SAT […]

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The Perfect SAT and ACT Exam Score (Challenge)

Top Test Prep’s Perfect SAT and ACT Score Challenge is here!  To find out about the Perfect SAT / ACT exam score, call (800) 501-Prep. The Perfect SAT and ACT Score Challenge (TopTestPrep.com) *** Note, Contest rules: The Top Test Prep, Perfect Score Challenge is valid until September 21, 2011. The challenge included a scholarship […]

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The SAT vs. ACT Exam and Helpful Test Dates

Here’s a helpful information for students taking the SAT exam, ACT exam or if you’re trying to determine the difference between the two tests (SAT vs. ACT). You can print this poster.

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How to Prepare for the SAT

In the next few posts, I’m going to cover some basic information on how students can best prepare for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, SSAT and several more. The College Board’s SAT test is released and administered roughly six times per year, and students often use a combination of test prep books, tutoring, and self-study […]

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2013-2014 SAT Test Dates

Here’s some information on the 2013-2014 SAT Test dates: The SAT exam will be offered on the following days for 2013-2014: Oct. 5, 2013: SAT and Subject Tests Nov. 2, 2013: SAT and Subject Tests Dec. 7, 2013: SAT and Subject Tests Jan. 25, 2014: SAT and Subject Tests Mar. 8, 2014: SAT only May […]

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SAT Writing – How to Improve Your SAT Writing Scores

The SAT writing section on the SAT exam can be mastered. Use these tips on how to improve your SAT writing scores from the SAT tutors at Top Test Prep.

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SAT Math Word Problems – How to Answer SAT Math Problems

Here’s a lesson on SAT Math Word Problems and how to answer SAT math questions. This should help you prepare for the SAT.

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All about the SAT

Here’s some helpful information on the College Board’s SAT exam, if you are planning on taking the SAT- this should explain much about the SAT test. The video is produced by SAT prep tutors with Top Test Prep. For more expert SAT information and how you can maximize your SAT score, call (800) 501-Prep or click here.

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Summer SAT and ACT Prep

Top Test Prep’s summer SAT and ACT prep programs have started. If you’re preparing for the SAT or ACT this summer and need help, our test prep programs can help you improve your scores. Summer test prep doesn’t have to be difficult. If you need help with the SAT and/or ACT exams, give us a […]

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Should I take the SAT or ACT?

One of the most frequently asked questions at Top Test Prep is whether a student should take the SAT or ACT. To answer this question, here are the differences between the SAT and ACT, and reasons why you should take one versus the other: About the SAT: The SAT is administered 7 times per year. […]

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