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5 Tips to Ace your SSAT

You are starting to prepare for the SSAT, but where do you begin? You have most likely never taken a standardized test of this length and depth. Take a deep breath, and follow these five tips. Start practicing early and often. The earlier you start your SSAT prep, the better off you will be. In […]

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Why should you go to private school?

Thinking about boarding school can be as overwhelming as it is exciting for both student and parent. As a student, the chance to experience a parent-free campus life before college is liberating, while to a parent it seems terrifying to let their child away from home for so long to pursue such an ambitious achievement. […]

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Why the SSAT Writing Sample is Important

During the SSAT, you will have 25 minutes to write a response to your choice from two prompts. There is no right or wrong answer and the results aren’t a factor in your overall score. With that said, you might be wondering why this section is on the test at all. While it isn’t a […]

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SSAT Online Tutors: Are They Worth It?

We get a lot of questions about online tutoring, both from parents and students. Is it effective? Is it personal? Is the software easy to use? Top Test Prep puts great effort into selecting an SSAT tutor that matches each student’s needs and expectations. Although you can try to find your own private tutors, it’s […]

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SSAT Prep – Exam Day

You’ve taken SSAT practice tests for months, worked with a tutor on your weak points, learned the tricks to acing each section, increased your confidence, and consequently, bumped up your practice test scores significantly. Now the test day has arrived and you’re starting to feel nervous. Here are some tips for taking the SSAT test […]

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Guessing on the SSAT

One of the biggest dilemmas about the SSAT is whether it hurts or helps you to guess on those questions you cannot solve. First, we should discuss how the SSAT is scored. Each correct answer is worth one point. There is a guessing penalty on the SSAT, which penalizes you ¼ of a point for […]

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SSAT Exam – Guide to Help Parents

These are some helpful quick tips for parents as your son or daughter prepares to take the SSAT exam and apply for boarding school or private school admissions. 5 Tips for Parents about the SSAT Exam and Test Prep: (1) The SSAT Exam is like the SAT exam, but actually requires more practice because students […]

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SSAT Verbal Practice

Looking for SSAT Verbal practice?  Preparing for the SSAT can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking SSAT verbal practice tests will familiarize you with the simple tricks to break down the verbal questions. In addition, spacing out your test preparation sessions will maximize understanding of the material, and incorporating tried and true […]

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SSAT Reading Section Tips and Strategies

Just as you do for the other sections of the SSAT exam, you should create a strategy for tackling the SSAT reading comprehension test. Incorporating certain strategies into your test preparation plans can make tackling the questions in the reading comprehension section a breeze. The reading comprehension section will include 6-7 short passages and 40 […]

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How to Improve Your SSAT Math Scores: Tips and Strategies

Preparing for the SSAT can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking SSAT math practice tests will familiarize you with the simple tricks to break down the math problems, spacing out your test preparation sessions to maximize understanding of the material, and incorporating tried and true SSAT math strategies will put you well […]

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