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SSAT Reading Section Tips and Strategies

Just as you do for the other sections of the SSAT exam, you should create a strategy for tackling the SSAT reading comprehension test. Incorporating certain strategies into your test preparation plans can make tackling the questions in the reading comprehension section a breeze. The reading comprehension section will include 6-7 short passages and 40 […]

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SSAT Exam Tips

How to increase your SSAT score: 5 Tips to Succeed The SSAT can seem daunting, but there are many reliable and proven resources available to students and parents to increase SSAT scores. While a student’s score on this test will not in and of itself make or break his or her application to private secondary […]

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How to Improve Your SSAT Math Scores: Tips and Strategies

Preparing for the SSAT can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking SSAT math practice tests will familiarize you with the simple tricks to break down the math problems, spacing out your test preparation sessions to maximize understanding of the material, and incorporating tried and true SSAT math strategies will put you well […]

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Test Prep Resources

Have you seen our test prep videos?  If not, visit our Test Prep channel and be sure to subscribe.  We’ve got incredibly useful SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, LSAT, and MCAT prep resource to help you increase your test scores.    

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5 New Ways to Prep for the SAT (Or Any Other Standardized Test)!

1. Listen to Music Not all music starts and ends with “Baby, baby, baby, yea.”  There are a number of bands out there with serious lyrical and storytelling chops.  Take, for instance, The Decemberists.  They blend storytelling and an impressive vocabulary to make for unique lyrics that can teach you a thing or two.  Here’s […]

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Tips on How Middle School Students Can Prepare for High School and College

Your middle school grades and activities won’t appear on your college application, but you can use seventh and eighth grades to set yourself up to have the strongest record possible in high school. This will, in turn, increase your prospects of getting into an academically strong college. Additionally, if you’re applying to private high schools, […]

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SSAT Test Dates, 2011-2012 (Secondary School Admission Test)

Here is a helpful list of SSAT test dates if you’re taking the SSAT Exam: SSAT Test Date, Registration Closes, Late Registration Closes 15-Oct-11, 23-Sep-11, 30-Sep-11 12-Nov-11, 21-Oct-11, 28-Oct-11 10-Dec-11, 18-Nov-11, 25-Nov-11 7-Jan-12, 16-Dec-11, 23-Dec-11 4-Feb-12, 13-Jan-12, 20-Jan-12 3-Mar-12, 10-Feb-12, 17-Feb-12 9-Jun-12, 18-May-12, 25-May-12 ***** Need help with SSAT Prep and Tutoring, give us a […]

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The Ranking of America’s Best Boarding Schools: Annual Report

The Ranking of America’s Best Boarding Schools: (1) Phillips Exeter Academy (2) Phillips Andover Academy (3) Milton Academy (4) Choate Rosemary Hall (5) Hotchkiss School (6) St. Paul’s School (7) Loomis Chaffee (8) Groton School (9) Noble and Greenough School (10) Lawrenceville School (11) Deerfield Academy (12) Middlesex School (13) The Hill School (14) Northfield […]

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Getting to the Root of It: 5 Quick Steps to Learn a Little Latin and Greek

A few posts back, we talked about the benefits of Latin and Greek and how learning a little of either language can boost vocabulary scores and build a great base for pre-law or pre-med students. Every major standardized test you encounter will assess your vocabulary repertoire and comprehension in some way. But few schools actually […]

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How to Prepare for the SSAT

The following is some great information for students preparing to take the SSAT exam. Top Test Prep’s SSAT Prep can help you master these sections. Feel free to print these SSAT tips and share them with your family and friends. Here’s how to prepare for the SSAT: Before the test- (1.) Have a light breakfast with […]

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