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Moving In Together

In the weeks leading up to the first year of college, there’s no shortage of excitement or anxiety. Perhaps the biggest change involved is moving into a strange place called a dorm. The living embodiment of that strangeness is the unknown person with whom you’ll share your 10ft. by 15ft. box: the college roommate, one […]

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How Many Extracurriculars Do I Need?

“The availability of 10 fields is not intended to imply that you should list 10 activities, and there [is] no expectation that you will do so ,” says the Common App website. Aside from the typo omitting “is,” this is a good reminder. It does, however, fly in the face of the popular attitude towards […]

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Back to School Tips

Summer’s winding down. I don’t want to put a damper on your last weeks of freedom, but it’s time to start thinking about the impending school year. A little foresight and planning will make your year more successful and more relaxed. I’m leaving out those who are going to be entering their freshman year—and secondary […]

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Your SSAT Score Report

You took your SSAT, and you got your score report back. It’s a jumble of weird numbers and percentiles. What does it all mean? Well, it is important to properly understand your score report so you know which schools from which you have a realistic shot of gaining admission. Your score report will include your scaled […]

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ISEE Test Locations

The ISEE is offered at different dates and times depending on your location.  You will need to go to the ISEE website and find the most convenient location for you to take the ISEE. Unlike the SSAT, the ISEE can only be taken once very 6 months. Since the ISEE is not as popular as […]

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ISEE Format and Practice Tests

The ISEE consists of five sections. The verbal and quantitative reasoning sections test your ability to think and use logic to solve questions. The math and reading comprehension sections are more of a test of your knowledge of the subject matter. In general, the ISEE is more straightforward and knowledge based than the SSAT. While […]

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Can private tutoring help my child?

A new study shows that intervention methods like those used in private tutoring can significantly boost student learning. Applying three principles from cognitive science resulted in students scoring about 7 percent higher on final exams on materials that were taught with these simple changes. In an engineering class at Rice University, researchers studied the different impact of […]

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Private School Rankings: which school is right for you?

Parents want their children to get the best education possible. Many parents understand good education must start early if they want their child to have the best chance of success in the world. When picking a quality school for their child, parents often take into consideration private school rankings. Consideration of the school’s ranking is not enough, […]

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Top Test Prep Partners with Stanford Test Prep

Top Test Prep and Stanford Test Prep are excited to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Although the fundamentals of top 1% tutors and high customization will remain the bedrock of the incipient coalition, the new arrangement heralds a variety of notable changes. Externally, the most obvious change will be a rebranding […]

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How To Prepare for the Chemistry Section of the MCAT

The first part in any test preparation is to know the subject that you are about to study. The information concerning the physical sciences section topics covered in the MCAT can be found here: https://www.aamc.org/students/download/85562/data/ps_topics.pdf About half of the physical sciences section is devoted to general chemistry, so it is very important to be comfortable […]

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