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Private School Rankings: which school is right for you?

Parents want their children to get the best education possible. Many parents understand good education must start early if they want their child to have the best chance of success in the world. When picking a quality school for their child, parents often take into consideration private school rankings. Consideration of the school’s ranking is not enough, though. Not every child is going to have a perfect fit for every school.

Caring and Qualified Staff

One of the keys things to consider for your child’s education is caring and qualified staff. This includes teachers, administration, and others who will be working with your child. It may even include coaches, music directors, and other individuals, who will be interacting with your child on a regular basis. Caring staff will understand your child’s unique needs and learning style. They are willing to help the child on an individual basis. Visit the schools you are considering. See how your child connects with the teachers and other staff. Are the staff members friendly? Do they make your child feel welcome?

Co-Educational or Single-Sex

Several studies have shown that students do better in single-sex schools. There is less of a distraction from the opposite sex. This seems to be especially evident when it comes to girls in science and math classes, subject often associated more with males. Yet, Trinity School, often considered the top school in the nation, is a co-education institution. It is important to know your child. Some children thrive in a single-sex environment while others do better in a co-ed school. No one set-up is perfect for every child because every child is unique. Research to figure out which setting is better for your child’s learning.

Diversity of Opportunities

When applying to a top-rated private school, you can basically guarantee your child is going to have a diversity of opportunities. Some schools are going to have great sports programs. Others have a great focus on the arts or offer the students the opportunity to study abroad. Figure out what opportunities you feel your child needs when it comes to his or her education, and apply to schools which meet the child’s needs.

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